Revisiting the Little Black Dress


What: The classic Little Black Dress as your budget go-to piece for fall/winter 08.

Why: If you need your fashion dollars to stretch even further than usual right now, it’s time to revisit that old standby, the Little Black Dress (or LBD). If you don’t already have one (and instead give into temptation each season to purchase a new, trendy, here-now-gone-tomorrow dress) we have some advice for you—get one. It may not be the most exciting option, but it is the most versatile, and with the right accessories? It’ll take you from function to function through the holiday season, in great style and without breaking the bank. Fortunately, black is in this season, and you’ll find everything from a simple sheath to some edgier options, as well as pieces that can go from casual to dressy. And as every good budget fashionista knows, value and versatility are the keys to being truly well dressed.

We’ve picked a few options (for under $50 each) that should take you through the season; just add a big clutch, a pair of peep toe pumps, and a statement piece of jewelry (maybe a chunky necklace or a metallic cuff bracelet) and go.

Knee Length Basic Dress, $19.90, Forever21

Danica Dress, $44.50, Delia

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  1. Megan says

    i want this dress SOOO bad! i have been looking absolutely everywhere and its not to be found.. i am at a loss for words- i would find the perfect little dress a little too late and miss my chance…. can you help me??

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