Fashion Tips: Lucky Magazine and the New Color Combinations

January’s Lucky Magazine has a very interesting spread on adding bright colors into your wardrobe.  The eight page spread features interesting combinations such as gray/taxi cab yellow, orange/camel, violet/navy, dark brown/tomato red, fuchsia/army green and cobalt blue/black.  While my favorite fashion mag does show a few outfit combinations, the editor ignore the fact that most women won’t be running out to buy a $120 pair of orange stretch pants. Here’s some tips on how to incorporate these colors into your existing wardrobe.

Here’s some tips:
- Start small- like a orange beret, a bright pair of pattern tights (Wal-Mart has a FABULOUS selection of tights), etc. Resist the urge to dress head to toe in Fuchsia.
- If you’re new to the color game, make sure the color piece is simple and structured- like a sheath dress, cropped blazer, etc.  Leave the over sized tops, leggings to those with a bit more color experience.
- If you normally don’t wear bright colors, head to stores like Wet Seal, Forever21, Payhalf and other cheap , mall based stores to to find colorful items to add to your wardrobe.  Also thrift stores and consignment shops are great places to find these items, without breaking the bank. Once you get used to the color, then you can spend more.
- Remember where you put the color is where people are going to look. If you got a ghetto booty, you might want to walk away from bright yellow pants. If you have a uniboob- you might want to skip the fuchsia halter top.
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