Lauren Conrad Line for Kohl’s Now On Sale

What: Lauren Conrad wasn’t kidding when she said she was coming back to fashion. While her previous line folded, the Lauren Conrad LC collection is now available for sale on

What They Say:

The collection features tops, bottoms and dresses for $20 to $60. LC’s collection are wardrobe basics like jeans and knits, so don’t expect anything fancy or ‘designed”, some pieces feature stripes and prints, that’s about it.

What We Say: We really love the LC Lauren Conrad Watercolor Ruffled Dress, but we don’t love its $60 price tag. Still, there are other more affordable options – like this $20 seamless camisole – but none are all that interesting. In fact, one would expect something a little more vibrant to come out of such a young, “hip” designer. What do you think of the line?

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  1. Ann says

    After spending a long time last month searching for a dress, including at Kohl’s, I am disappointed to see SO much polyester on the market. It’s a cheap fabric, and even if you don’t need to worry about wrinkles, it doesn’t BREATHE. I may be in my thirties but it seemed like just yesterday that polyester trend pieces were $20. I don’t care who designed it. I would just feel ripped off. Again, sign of my age perhaps, but I would rather find a secondhand piece in cotton or silk. And I’d probably pay a lot less.  I feel like designers are really cutting corners on the fabrics in order to put forth the trend. For someone looking for value, that gets old FAST.

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