3. Take An Awesome Picture

I get that you’re probably not a professional photographer. I’m not either, but that doesn’t stop me from implementing a few tricks of the trade every time I sell on eBay. Take a picture of your item during the day with a lot of bright, natural light. A flash could distort the color of your product, so aim for the brightest area in your house to take it. Also, make sure to take it against a white backdrop so the focus is all on the product you are trying to sell.

4. Communicate With Buyers Immediately

Communicate With Buyers Immediately

Typically, you have about five days for an auction to run on eBay. During that time, check your eBay messages frequently. A buyer might ask you for more information about a size or condition. If they are interested enough to ask a question, they are interested enough to buy it. So make sure you give them the attention they deserve.