How to Sell Your Clothes on eBay

At the end of every season, I clean out the closets in prep for the upcoming season. This time consuming, but strangely gratifying, task is done over a three-day period and includes several plastic lawn bags and at least one nervous breakdown.

After at least three glasses of white wine and four mini fashion shows in front of my full length mirror (does this lime green jacket still work?), I come up with four piles of clothing—keepers, keepers but need help, gifts to Sally (a.k.a Salvation Army), and moneymakers (things to sell).

The selling of the old for the funding of the new is a crucial part of my budget shopping plan. eBay is my seller of choice (followed by the fabulous Greene Street Consignment Shop in Philly).

So how do I make money off eBay? Here are some of my tips on how to sell your clothes on ebay.

How to Sell Your Clothes on eBay

  • End your auction on the weekends and evenings. Make sure your auction ends on a Saturday or a Sunday to help you get the highest price for your items. Mondays during the day is also another great time to end to catch the at-work bidders.
  • Research your product. Search for the product you are selling on the online auction site. Focus on auctions that have the highest bidders, noticing how these sellers set up their auctions, quality of pictures, description of the product and starting price of the auction.
  • Be honest. When describing your items accurately describe any defects, blemishes, etc. Being honest will help build your representation as a seller.
  • Get a Paypal account. Paypal is the online money exchange system owned by eBay. It allows for quick, easy, safe transactions between buyers and sellers. Paypal charges a small fee for processing transactions.
  • Check your email. Once your auction has started, you will start to get questions from prospective bidders. Always answer their questions promptly to ensure you get the maximum bid.
  • Ship quickly. Once payment is received and processed, ship quickly to avoid a negative seller rating.