Budget Home: Tips for Organizing Your Crib

What: The folks at ShopSmart Magazine give us a guide to some smart mini-projects that will help organize our home.

ShopSmart Say: “The secret to getting organizing projects done before things get too out of hand is to start small, so we researched the best tips and put together a one-stop guide to help you tackle your closets, drawers and shelves—and to keep them de-junked for good.”

What We Say: It is entirely to overwhelming to even look at our home and decide to clean so we like the idea of starting small and doing mini-projects. We’re game to give these a try and hopefully make a dent!

Tips for Organizing Your Home:

1. Stow Entry Clutter – Anything that goes in your entryway like wallets, cellphones, mail, shoes etc. should be stowed. Use an over-the-door plastic shoe bag for your stuff, find a designated basket or cubbyhole for you shoes and put your mail in a bin on a hall table with a wastebasket for any immediate junkmail.

2. Bundle Bed linens – Tuck each sheet set into a pillowcase according to size and put it on a labeled shelf. Try to keep only two sets per bed for simplicity.

3. Hang Jewelry – Hang necklaces and bracelets on the wall in the closet or back of the closet door with mounted hooks or a wall-mount organizer. This will help you organize and accessorize more easily!

4. Tier Toiletries – Organize your medicine cabinet according to your body part (hair, mouth, face). If you have a family, each member can have his or her own shelf. For pills and other medicines, be mindful of kids and expiration dates. Throw anything over one year old out.

5. Rack Home-entertainment gear – Label baskets for remotes or use ottomans with storage. If you have the time (and the money), install door racks on the inside of your entertainment system to hold DVDs, video games, etc. Put tabs in owner’s manuals for pages you will need to reference like programming you DVR.

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