3. Use group buying sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Lifebooker.These sites often advertise special deals on hair cuts and other hair services, for up to 75% off the normal cost at major salons. If you time it right, you could literally get all your hair services at a discount. Make sure to check out the fine print on the deal (some deals are only partial services an dyou have to pay a hefty extra fee for the full service) and make sur eyou understand the full cost of your service before heading into the shop.

4. Find a coupon or special. It makes so much sense, yet so many fail to do it. A little research goes a long way. Look up coupons online or call up some salons and ask when they’ll have an upcoming special (don’t forget to dig into the details; a special may not be all that special after all). Salons all over your town offer up deals from time to time, so just make sure you’re in the right place at the right time!

5. Get your hair cut on a Monday or Wednesday. These are the least trafficked days for most salons, so your cut is much-needed business and your money will go far. Plus, you’ll get lots of attention when it’s slow. Downside: typically, the best stylists only work during the busy times. If you choose a high-end salon to begin with, however, you should be good.

Are there any tips you can add to this list?