Forever21 to Launch Plus Size Line

Attention.. Attention…

Forever21 is launching a Plus Size line this May called “Faith 21”. The California based retailer, who probably read this article on wwd about how the plus size market is where the money is at, joins the likes of Anna Wintour in recognizing that those of us who “got back”, also “got cash”.. ..And you know, Forever21 only copies the trendiest of trends, so Plus Size is definitely “in”.


What Do You Think of This Trend?

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  1. Shones says

    I couldn’t access the article without a subscription to WWD, but I think this is a wonderful idea.  H&M;carries sizes beyond SML.  Even though I don’t live near an H&M;, whenever I visit NYC or DC I make it a point to pick up some pants at H&M;because they have my size AND they’re so stylin.  Faith 21 could easily win my business, since it’s right around the way at my local mall… the question is, will it be a little corner of the store (sigh), OR will they perhaps expand their overall size offering to include XL and XXL.  Only time will tell…

  2. TX2CA says

    I’m glad to see they’re thinking of people other than the “walking sticks” in this world.  :)  The problem is…are they just going to just make their skinny clothes one or two sizes bigger?  REAL women with curves don’t all have super flat stomachs. 

    The body hugging clothing is still going to be too clingy for some women.  Hopefully they won’t just make their current styles bigger…they’ll have a completely separate line with different proportions.  We’ll see……  😉

  3. bunnybri says

    Come on, TX2CA, play nice.  Those “walking sticks” who fit in Forever 21 clothes are “REAL women” too…and plenty of us have curves!  It’s not OK to insult plus size women, and it’s not OK to insult junior size women either.

  4. Revelle74 says

    FINALLY!!!!  I heard so much about this place but can only forlornly look in the windows while the skinny girls skip and play inside.  I can’t wait until May! ^^

  5. bunnybri says

    I completely understand frustration with fit in all its varieties, I’ve had my fair share of it too.  I grew up wearing boy jeans because girl jeans were too short and still have a really hard time finding dress slacks without spending a lot of money.  Even so, it’s totally inappropriate to express this frustration by demeaning other people.  Everyone, regardless of size, has feelings and insecurities.  I am glad to see that the fashion world is doing a better job of embracing women of all sizes, but we don’t have to build up one group by tearing down another.  We’re ALL real women!!

  6. mizwoochic says

    I think with the economic hardships a lot of retailers are facing right now, I think it wise that they are FINALLY starting to pay some attention to plus market that has been under served.  The plus size market needs more H&Ms;!

  7. Wicked6 says

    I just hope the clothes actually feature some of the style I’ve come to j’adore from Forever 21.

    Too often I see companies come out with ‘Plus Size Clothing Sizes!’ only to realize the offerings are the requisite ‘flowy top and typical jean bottom’ not even hinting at any of the trends everyone longs for.

    I’d love to see Forever 21 simply continue producing amazing clothes in bigger sizes rather than have a different section entirely.

  8. berrybinx says

    finally! i love so many of the things they have but can’t fit into all of it…occasionally there’s a large that fits my chest but not often. good move, forever21! i will definitely be a customer

  9. VirtuallyKim says

    Now, the question is, will Forever 21’s plus size be for women who are the double digit size or is it going to be sizing for someone who is not a 12+. I’m a 12/14 and I look at the Forever 21 stuff with amusement because even my petite friends (size two) are wearing mediums.
      By the way, who let “ajdv” loose with the selling ads in the comments section?

  10. mstesi says

    This is so AWESOME!!! I’m so excited! Ever since I had my baby I had to give up one of my favorite stores, but now I don’t have to anymore… Yay!

  11. PrincessDominique says

    I love love love this dress. There is something so amazing about it. Maybe the flowing fabric and the flower appliques.

  12. Shopsista says

    I love Forever 21 but I was disappointed in their “X-Large size” not only am I 5’4”, but I have boobs, so getting into their t-shirts was not even possible.

    Bring it on baby, bring it on!

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