10 Great Coats for Fall 2011

It may not be time to break out the earmuffs and gloves just yet, but the air is certainly cooler and crisper. For great transition pieces, try one (or two or three) of these fabulous coats this fall. We love fall coats because they are typically versatile, fashionable, and work well with a variety of styles and tastes. This season, keep an eye out for great texture, military coats, classic trench coats, capes, and even a twist of animal print.

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  1. Beth says

    Thank goodness military is still in as I am in love with a military blazer that I just got for 75% off at Jacobs and I am hoping to wear it with everything I can possibly get away with!! Fun options and I love how you always combine classic and trendy so that we don’t waste our money!!

  2. Tracey Williams says

    I purchased a single breasted trench coat in a beautiful brick red color from Target for $49.99..they had other awesome colors available. Check it out!

  3. thissalantine says

    Found the *perfect* coat at Nordstrom’s, spent two months’ mortgage equivalent on it…. got it home, wore it once, and noticed a seam coming unravelled. So I took it back and explained I had worn it once. Too bad, so sad, no refund. So I found material of better quality online, bought a sewing machine at a yard sale for 5 big dollars, and made myself a copy of this coat in 7 different colors. That’s what happens when you make a Fashionista angry. /New York Salute to Nordstroms. Thanks, guys, look for me next year too, because I’m going to buy a coat, copy it, and bring it back the next day with the tags still on it!

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