A Day in the Life: A David’s Bridal Wedding Consultant

Here Comes the Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids, Credit: NY Times

Secret: I used to cringe when I was asked to be a bridesmaid. Okay, more like get a bad case of room-spinning anxiety. My over-imaginative mind whipped up thoughts of slipping into a hot-pink- -‘n’-pea-soup color combo with pouffy shoulders. Thank goodness for Crystal’s advice:

“Find a dress for your bridal party that they can wear again. No one wants to spend money on a dress they will never use again,” she says. “Especially in light of the economy, choosing a wear-again style will be a big hit among the bridal party.”

Whew. No pouffy shoulders. Amen to that, Crystal. Amen.

What experiences have you had shopping for your own gown, or as a bridesmaid?

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  1. Draft Horse Design says

    Great article! As a Invitation designer I usually deal only with the Bride as well and have to deal with the full range of emotions and stress that she usually feels forced to carry around. Your advice to relax and come into it with an open mind is the most important. Convincing the Bride to be open to suggestions and try new things can be difficult when she has been planning this day since she was … oh; about nine yrs. old. I often forget there are others in the industry facing the same facets of this. Thanks :)

  2. PINKY4321 says

    I’m shocked that you would see David’s bridal as a go to source on wedding information. They have a terrible reputation I work in a destination wedding town. All I hear everyday is bad things about Davids. They are known to bait and switch, the 99 dollar dress sales have no selection and few sizes. They nickel and dime the brides to death. The bride has to PAY for the dress to be steamed and has to PAY for a bag to put the dress in . The tuxedos from the place next door is owned by Davids , do if you pick the bridesmaids dresses or vest  etc…the strange colors they will not be able to be matched by out of town guests …..Be very wary the cheap dress, after all is said and done will cost you as much or more as a traditional bridal store ……shop around.

  3. zeinab says

    A bride to be showed me one of the ugliest satin ruched dresses from Davids bridal. Bride to be said it was unique and it was. It had a fitted silouette and a trumpet bottom. It shaped her like a fish and it didnt help that she was preggers. IF she only asked her entourage if they would wear that dress for their wedding day she may have actually had an opportunity to select the perfect dress. Better luck next marriage eh

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