Ditch the White Dress: Unconventional, Non-White Wedding Dresses Inspired by Cynthia Nixon

True story, but on a balmy summer night, post-bachelorette debauchery led my entourage of ladies to a grimy bar in the East Village in New York City. We were taking our “we-lost-count-five-margaritas-ago” celebratory shot, when an equally-intoxicated lad pulled up a chair and probably recited one of the lamest pickup lines ever. “So, are you girls a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Samantha, or a Miranda?”

Wow. Just wow. Clearly the guy knew squat about what has become the quintessential gal show, but you gotta give the guy a teeny bit of credit for bothering to memorize the names of the four Sex and the City main characters on IMDB in hopes of getting some Samantha-esque action.

Sure, Carrie’s the sensitive, introspective protagonist, and some women have an inner Charlotte waiting for Mr. Comes-from-old-money-but-he’s-smart-and-has-killer-abs to show up. And of course, Samantha Jones and her salacious adventures in the bedroom offer the best scenes of the show. But there’s something about no-nonsense Miranda Hobbes and the unassuming actress who plays her that has always struck me.

Now, I’m not sure what Cynthia Nixon has accomplished since her tenure on Sex and the City ended (well, besides star in Sex and the City: The Movie and the awful, “women-still-paid-10-bucks-to-watch-it” sequel). Yet, I was ecstatic to learn that Cynthia married her longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni over Memorial Day weekend.

It may not have been Miranda Hobbes’s attire of choice, but Cynthia looked stunning in an ethereal Carolina Herrera gown, and yes, it was pale green. (FYI: Marinoni wore a suit with a green tie to match.)

Cynthia’s choice of gown made me think, “Why white? Why not pale green? Or pink, or purple, or navy blue, etc?” Maybe you’re a die-hard Charlotte who can’t fathom deviating from a pristine ivory on your wedding day, but if you have no strong allegiance to antiquated color traditions, why not wear non-white on your wedding?



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  1. says

    Of course women should wear stockings! Most of us need all the help that we can get.
    There are so many styles and even the most exspensive pair are still affordable.
    Cover those legs girls.. Get your sexy on.

  2. says

    I love the dress that Cynthia Nixon is wearing.
    She looks very chick, modern and sexy.
    I am over the whole strapless white gown.
    Most of the brides have too much back fat to go strapless.
    They look a hott mess, and should have tried an unconvential look.

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