How to Put Together an A+ Teacher’s Wardrobe on a Budget

Value and Price: Know the Difference!
The ideal shopping goal is to buy the best quality items you can afford at the best value. However, value and price are NOT synonymous. You can get some great, high quality items (the same items you find at department stores) for much less at places like TJ Maxx. At the same time, be wary of low quality and/or novelty fashion items. Both have vastly reduced wearability, and will therefore cost you more in the long run. Read more about the cost per wear computation.

Practice Your 70/30 Rule
Put those fractions and percentages into use when it comes to closet matters. You’ll want to practice the 70/30 rule- meaning 70% of your closet should be classic pieces (mentioned in the first tip) and 30% trendy fun pieces. Reserve the trendier pieces for adding a touch of fun to your outfits, or wear them all unabashedly when you’re off-duty.

Take Less Trips to the Dry Cleaners
Full-time teachers may have neither the time nor the luxury to iron clothes, but part-timers should be able to pull this off. Buy a bottle of Febreze or make your own, and squirt your suits down after each use. Less dry cleaning bills = more allowance!

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  1. Classyjojo725 says

    I really disagree with the whole, “don’t let your personal style shine through,” comment. As a school counselor, I think students like to see their teachers individuality and personality shine. Who wants to be a cookie-cutter rendition of what a teacher is supposed to be like? Let’s leave that to the bankers and those who have to operate in very constricted, less fashionable work environments.

  2. says

    Great wardrobe suggestion! However, I think this is setof wardrobe is not only teachers. Suits, blazers, black dress, pumps, and oxford shoes are a must-have for anybody working in an office environment. Similarly, everybody should have leather belts and bags in their wardrobe. 

  3. I need to brush my teeth now says

    I threw up a little in my mouth when I read “wear Crocs.”

    No, please do not wear shoes made out of plastic. Plastic is for childrens toys and picnics, not for shoes.

    Men: Bass Weejuns, Allen Edmund or Alden Oxfords, Bean Boots if it rains. These are the only shoes you need to own. If you MUST own athletic shoes: New Balance 993.

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