Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker on Oprah

Before I write a review of the presentation of the Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker line on today’s Oprah, I want to first clear up some misconceptions:

1. I like Sarah Jessica Parker, but she isn’t the patron saint of budget shoppers. She made a smart business move and has excellent pr people who know how to push your buttons to get you to buy.  We do need more bargain shopping options and I am glad that Steve & Barry’s is providing it.

2. I like Steve & Barry’s. In fact, I was just there about 1 month ago, because Tobias begged me to buy him a pair of Starbury shoes.

3. The prior issue had nothing to do with my review of the line (which actually was pretty even handed, read it here) but with the use of promotional photos and TBF readers reactions to the line.

4. I get the impression that many of you feel that celebrities like SJP are doing you a favor when they “design” these lines.  While I’m positive SJP and Stephon Marbury care about consumers, they are doing these lines because they make money.

5. I also think there’s this major misconception involving fashion bloggers. We’re not necessarily “fashion insiders”, but we’re not “fashion outsiders” either. We go to fashion week, visit the showrooms of major designers, write books published by major publishers, work as TV correspondents, and shop at stores like Steve &Barry’s.

Now that this is cleared up..  On to Bitten