My Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline

This may sound a bit weird but Vaseline is my favorite beauty product. Yes, it’s thick and can be messy , but this petroleum based products has 1001 beauty uses.

As legend goes, this product was found by the chemist Robert Cheesebrough in the late 19th century, who observed local factory workers in Pennsylvania using the rod wax that resulted from the pop rods of the oil wells to protect and heal cuts. Amazing by the products therapeutic benefits, he back to his lab, mixed up so many batches of the key ingredient, petroleum jelly, that he had to use his wife’s vases to hold the product. He added the word “line” to “vase”, and my favorite beauty product was born.

I was first introduced to this beauty wonder by my grandma, Doonie, who used it as facial moisturizer. At 82, you would be hard pressed to find a wrinkle on her face.  Throughout the years, I developed my own relationship with Vaseline.  I use Vaseline as a cheaper alternative to paraffin treatments—slathering copious amounts of the jelly on my hands and feet then wrapping them in hot towels for five minutes for a quick moisturizing treatment.

Still not convinced that Vaseline is a miracle beauty products?  Here are just some of the many wonders of Vaseline.

Vaseline: The Ultimate Budget Beauty Product

– Great for rough feet. Soak feet in a pan of warm water for 15 minutes. Remove feet and exfoliate with a pumice stone. Slather on a generous amount of Vaseline and throw on a pair of your thickest white socks and head to bed.
– Pageant participants take a small amount of Vaseline and smear it on the gums above their front teeth to help them smile easier.
– Use a little as a last minute shoe polish (too much could ruin your shoes).
– Purchase or use an old contact case and place a small amount of Vaseline and scoop out the leftovers of a lipstick, mix together in the case and you have your own lip-gloss.
– Use as gel to groom and hold eyebrows into place.
– Use in replace of gel to style and hold hair in place.

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  1. says

    Vaseline is a makeup must have. Its so adaptable use it moisturise lips, skin, eyelashes, tame brows. Its the cheapest and most effective lip gloss I know. Fantastic Product!

  2. rachel says

    I use it to remove my mascara and other eye makeup. I just put a small amount a tissue or towel, and rub it gently over my eyes. It takes it all off – especially waterproof types of makeup.

  3. Traci says

    Well people I just discovered this website myself but I have to tell you that it is true, true , true, Vaseline is one of the best moisturizer products that there is. I just recently purchased some at store after hearing Tyra Banks say that this was her long time beauty secret, because personally like lots of other women, I have used many different facial products in the past, but after trying Vaseline even after the first day I saw and felt a difference in my face, and let me tell you ladies it was all for the good! My face doesn’t grow dry over the course of the day anymore (which is the number one skin problem by the way) and underneath make up or even wore alone my skin is soft, supple,and youthful.To combat over greasiness I heard someone say just to aply water with it while putting it on but I just do my thang and then take a sheet of tissue and blot where needed! I can smile freely without having to worry about that dry cracking feeling from some pimple cream that I applied earlier working overtime on my face. I say it’s good for the body, the face, and under the eyes. It’s perfect for me and I think it’s perffect for you too! Go Vaseline!

  4. Make Up Artist Courses says

    I entirely agree. Vaseline is the best beauty product. All my family members have been using this products to take care of them beauty. Thanks

  5. janessa says

    Vaseline is more moisterizing and lip gloss is just like vaseline but there r lots of other kinds of lip gloss, such as plumping, etc. What I would do is take some vaseline, and a drop of lipgloss and mix them together, that way it will be like lip gloss, but not exactly lip gloss, so if a teacher says, is that lip gloss, you can b like to it vaseline. And u can also take vaseline and but a TINY bit of food coloring into the vaseline.<a href=“”>beauty products</a>

  6. Sarah says

    Once in a while.. about once a month for a week I get really bad dry and peeling skin. I’ve been tempted to use Vaseline, but I’m worried it’ll clog my pores [you hear so many different stories, some swear by it and others abhor it] I guess I’ll try a thin layer in the dry spots after my moisturizer to lock the moisture in. Hopefully, it won’t make me break out, I am worried about it clogging my pores though BUT because I can barely talk or smile without worrying about my skin cracking.. I guess its worth the risk.

  7. allison says

    the only thing i don’t agree with is vaseline for hair. i tried that once and it took me five showers, an entire bottle of clarifying shampoo, and half a jar of peanut butter to get the greasy stuff out of my hair. and even then my hair was still a bit greasy for weeks.

  8. says

    I will be following this week to a month long vaseline regimen and I will definitely let you all know how it goes. I have issues with my skin that include: flaking, peeling, hormonal acne breakouts, and most recently sun burn & white blotches on my face. I pray that this works, because I don’t trust that a dermatologist will steer me in the right direction. I feel they will only tell me to use products that will keep me in their doctor’s office. BBL! :)

  9. Libby Aleshire says

    I have been using this for a few weeks now, my skin feels wonderful, like velvet. I have spent a fortune on facial creams and this is the best. I apply just after washing while my skin is still damp. Unbelievable.

  10. cwohughes says

    I’m a 44 yr old male with four children ages 25-17. I’ve been using Vaseline for as long as I can remember. When I’m out with my children people who don’t know us think we’re brothers. I love going to carnivals and have them guess my age, I always walk away with a prize! You don’t need much, a light layer is all it takes.

  11. Yes I do love it says

    I love vaseline! haha. I have oily skin year round except for in the winter, so I need a moisturizer then. I tried Vaseline (now two years ago) & loved it! No breakouts/pore clogging, just moisturizes for me, & I haven’t had dry skin anytime year round because of it. I do hear it clogs pores for the “acne prone,” but I myself am & will tell you that as long as you follow your skin care regime, & then place a thin layer of vaseline that skin will be moisturized but not acne causing.. for me anyway.

  12. Sara Brannon says

    My dermatologist started me using Vaseline as a moisturizer after I had a chemical peel. It is a great moisturizer ! Makes your face so soft …

  13. Territeaparty says

    I am 55 years old and have tried many different moisturisers to look younger. I remembered that I had heard years ago that it was a beauty secret of the stars. I’ve been using it for three nights in a row and I can tell a huge difference!!! Try it!

  14. Carrie says

    As a last resort I used vaseline mixed in with my face soap to help with flaky skin which is a nightmare to put makeup onto. It worked! No more flakes and bumpy skin under my makeup.

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