5 Excellent Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Sharkbite Dress

3. Sharkbite Dresses are Shoe-Friendly

The shark bite dress goes with any shoe, including sneakers. Because the dress has that versatile hi-low action at the hem, you never have to worry about your shoes being covered up, or having to wear a high shoe just to support the length of the dress. If you want a fun, flirty look, wear a gladiator sandal. If you want to be sporty, wear a tennis shoe. And lastly, if you want to dress up, go for a strappy sandal. Opened toed, closed toed…no shoe is off limits with a dress like this.

woman wearing coral sharkbite dress

Coral Sharkbite Sneaker Dress, $14.99, Rue21

4. You’ll Keep Cool

Dresses that have a shark bite cut are meant to be breathable and light.You’ll usually find this style of dress in blends of lightweight cotton, rayon or polyester. A heavy fabric would not give the floaty, airy affect very well. The panels of the dress will keep you cool during summer, unlike a bodycon dress when the fabric is close to your skin.

5. The Right Mix of High Fashion & Modesty

You can still look sexy without showing too much skin. The sharkbite delivers the benefits of a short dress and a long dress together. You can show some leg, accentuate height, and still maintain a polished, high-fashion look. You can wear a dress like this to work, school, or anywhere else you’ll have to go.

If you live where the summers have cooler days, a shark bite dress with long sleeves like the one below would be ideal. You can carry a dress like this into the transitional months of fall and spring.

dark haired woman wearing green shark bite dress

Long Sleeve Sharkbite Maxi Dress, $33, Fancy.com

If you don’t have a shark bite dress in your closet, please go get one. It’ll look good on you, and it’ll be an easy way to cheat when you don’t feel like dressing up. Looking fabulous and keeping cool what summer is all about.

What do you like about your shark bite? Let us know in the comments!



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