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8 Summer 2023 Fashion Trends to Shop Now

Need a summer pick-me-up to take your mind off the heat? That’s as good a reason as any to indulge in some budget shopping focused on summer 2023 fashion trends. This season offers some fun design elements that can add variety to your wardrobe — and earn you some admiring glances from the pickiest of your fashionista friends.

As with any seasonal wardrobe update, the trick to not blowing your budget is investing in pieces that are classically trendy. So they’re cute and modern, but not so wildly trendy that you couldn’t wear them again next year. Choosing summer pieces that have longevity spares you a bunch of dough in the long run.

So while other fashionistas may assume everything on the new arrivals pages of those trendy clothing websites (ASOS, Zara, H&M) are worth buying, you’re taking a more disciplined approach. Your goal is to invest in pieces that nod to the trends, reflect your personal style, and fit within your clothing budget.

Woman wearing hot pink, wide-leg pants, two summer 2023 fashion trends.

Here’s a look at eight summer 2023 fashion trends to watch, along with ideas on how you can step into them affordably.

Summer 2023 fashion trends

1. Sheer excitement

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I covered the sheer trend last year and it’s still going strong. This summer, you can find sheer knit tops, sheer cardigans, and dresses and skirts with sheer panels and overlays.

And all this sheer isn’t just for the younger set. You can wear sheer both elegantly and modestly. Here’s how:

  • Choose a top with sheer sleeves
  • Look for skirts with sheer overlays
  • Invest in a sheer blouse and wear it as a light outer layer
  • Keep your sheer style limited to a pretty beach coverup

Any of these choices will help you beat this crazy summer heat. They’ll also continue to be wearable after this trend dies down. On the other hand, a fully sheer top you plan to wear over pasties will have a shorter lifespan.

2. Lovely lavender

This summer’s color is lavender. The soft purple-pink hue is everywhere right now, and why not? It flatters many skin tones, from cool-toned and fair to deep, dark shades. Chances are, there’s a version of lavender that looks amazing on you.

To step into the lavender trend gently, look to invest in one or more of the following:

  • A lavender scarf you can wear on your neck or in your hair
  • A floral dress that has lavender in it
  • A pretty lavender handbag
  • A lavender t-shirt or blouse you can wear with denim

I’d steer clear of lavender shoes, lavender lipstick, lavender-tinted sunglasses, and head-to-toe lavender dresses. Definitely don’t buy Raid Tamrya stiletto ankle boots in lavender.

3. Pockets, pockets, pockets

Every once in a while, the fashion gods give us a trend that’s truly practical. This year, that gift is the pocket trend. Statement pockets are a design element of choice for pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, and jackets.

As an example, both ASOS Design and Miss Selfridge have mini skirts this season with pockets so large, they hang below the skirt’s hemline. Don’t buy those, as you might regret the purchase later.

Instead, go for modern cargo pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. By modern, I mean sleeker silhouettes. Steer clear of anything that vibes like a painter’s suit or a handyman’s belt. And, make sure the pockets on the piece are actually functional. Fake pockets are the worst — they waste fabric and add bulk to your shape and for what? Looks? Just say no.  

4. Platform sandals

Yes, that’s right — big shoes are in. Steve Madden has a pair out right now that measures 5 ¼ inches in heel height. That is not be a good option if you’re scared of heights, prone to nosebleeds, or have balance issues.

Try nodding to the platform trend from a safer height. Opt for a casual, flat platform sandal, platform slide, or espadrille that tops out at 2 inches. Any of these will be wearable in future seasons. More extreme and glammy shoes may only be useful for Halloween parties where you plan to dress as a go-go girl.  

5. Graphic tees

It’s the summer of t-shirts that represent. You might show your love for your hometown, your favorite gritty metal band, or your alma mater.

A cute graphic tee or two certainly will add some edge to your casual rotation. These tops look best with denim bottoms and sneakers or sandals.

To ensure ongoing wearability, only invest in logos that are meaningful to you. If you’ve never heard of Keith Richards, for example, don’t buy the Rolling Stones tee with the red lips and tongue. No matter how cool it may look today, there will come a time when you won’t wear it anymore.

6. Fringe

Fringe is a design element that’s either in or out of the spotlight. What’s interesting about this iteration of fringe is that it has a 1920s flapper vibe — as opposed to boho, festival junkie chic. You’ll see tops, dresses, and skirts with lighter, shinier fringe than you’d find on the boho scene.

Still, this is a trend to toe into lightly. Today’s on-trend dress could easily be tomorrow’s Halloween costume.

Smart ways to play in the fringe trend include:

  • Opt for shorter fringe on skirts, dresses, and tops.
  • Try a fringe-trimmed poncho or scarf with fringed edges.
  • Invest in a handbag with light fringe detail.
  • Find yourself a chunky loafer with fringe or tassels on the vamp.

7. Wide leg pant

Technically, the pants trend that’s raging is the flared jean. A fully flared leg is an extreme look with a 70s psychedelic flair. And while the flared jean is cooler than a skinny jean, it’s a lot of denim to carry around during a very hot summer.

A more practical choice is a wide leg crop pant or culotte. Wear them with a shorter, fitted top and pretty sandals. That combo makes an effortless style statement. For more wide-legged style inspiration, see these posts:

8. And, of course, Barbiecore

I can’t talk about summer 2023 fashion trends without mentioning Barbiecore — which can best be described as a mash-up of pink, plastic, and platforms.

The Barbie aesthetic is everywhere, but it won’t be around forever. I’m pretty sure a pink latex dress will feel silly a year from now. If you want to play in the Barbie space, try pink nail polish, lip color, neck scarf, or a mini handbag. You could also experiment with pink hair ties and high ponytails. You’re sure to regret a larger investment in, say, hot pink flared denim jeans.


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