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Hail to the Moms! 5 Amazing, Super Stylish Mommy Bloggers Share the Inspiration You Need Right Now

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Mom life is its own unique experience. Some of us manage through it with ponytails and leggings, and there’s no shame in that. But then there’s the trend-setting super mom — always polished, with stylish kiddo in tow.

We love and admire these gorgeous moms in our lives. And we’re equally drawn to their more public equivalent, the hard-working mommy bloggers who prove a busy life doesn’t require you to sacrifice fashion fun. Here are five who stand out for their great sense of style.

5 Stylish Mommy Bloggers

The Chriselle Factor

The Chriselle Factor is the brainchild of Chriselle Lim, a widely renowned mom and style blogger who quickly catapulted to digital fame when she launched her site in 2011.

What once was a small space to share outfits has since transformed into a global lifestyle network. There’s a lot there, from tips for new moms (Chriselle has two young daughters) to cozy Thanksgiving style ideas to seasonal wardrobe suggestions. And her content is beautifully presented to boot.

Love Brown Sugar

When Christina Brown founded Love Brown Sugar, she was motivated to show her daughter she could do anything she set her mind to. Since, then, her blog has blossomed into an empowering enterprise that fellow, entrepreneurial moms can turn to for inspiring advice and strategies.

Neatly tied into the mix are valuable fashion and beauty tips — think dressing with confidence, channeling your inner 1990s fashionista, and plus-size swimwear guides. It’s a smart, fresh package that feels especially relevant because Christina is a mom of two and her content feels like it’s coming straight from a close confidante.


She’s a career-minded foodie with a penchant for great style. Is it any wonder we love Anh Sundstrom’s 9to5chic? In addition to her career as a busy marketing director and manager of her style blog, she’s a mom to a little girl. She credits the birth of her daughter with helping her establish an improved work-life balance, and she shares many personal vignettes throughout the blog.

Most impressive, though, are the crisp and vivid pictorials that clearly outline her stunning outfits. It’s hard not to feel motivated to start wearing crisply tailored trousers and smart overcoats after just a glance through her blog.

Lou What Wear

A proud mom of three from Louisville, Danielle Rudy Davis knows a thing or two about dressing for the races. She proudly shares her fashion smarts on Lou What Wear. The lifestyle blog delivers everything from her fav, budget-friendly fashion and interior design finds, to DIY tips to cool photographs.

From classic denim shorts and pretty frilly blouses to skinny jeans and dainty jewelry obsessions, Danielle shows how to wear everything with ease. The vibe is more down-to-earth than glossy, more everyday-comfortable than picture-perfect. That’s just the kind of look we love!

Forever Freckled

Color us obsessed with Forever Freckled — if only to celebrate the genius of three fabulous sisters! Helmed by a pediatrician, a veterinarian, and a stylist, Forever Freckled is the brainchild of the trio, and it’s the perfect amalgamation of everything you need to know as a modern mom with a busy household. Got pets? Yep, there’s help for that, too.

But it’s the style section that makes life simpler for all of us. From how to pack a bag for spring break to what you need from Target at any given moment, it’s the ultimate breakdown for the busy mom As the gals say, the best advice is sisterly advice. Agreed!

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