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9 Classified Sites to Buy and Sell Goods Locally

Think Craigslist is the only online classified site out there? We’ve done a little digging and, lo and behold, there are other options. While it’s true that classifieds are not exactly a top source for fashion items (actually, we wouldn’t really recommend them as a source at all) but we also know your budget shopping savvy doesn’t stop at Misses Department. You buy other stuff right? Or, in this economy, perhaps you have some stuff to unload and need a reputable place to advertise? Either way, you’ll need to get the lowdown first, and here it is:

9 Online Classified Sites

Craigslist We thought we’d just get this one out of the way right off the bat. Craigslist is to classifieds what eBay is to auction sites. Looking for a big response? Craigslist probably is your best bet. Of course the biggest site will likely also attract the biggest number of kooks (we’ve all heard the stories). So screen with care.

Angie’s List (services) Shopping for services instead of goods? Angie’s List has become a popular site for consumers seeking reputable service-providers (landscapers, plumbers, etc.), which is understandable since everyone has some kind of horror story about the handyman who came and tore up the bathroom ceiling only to never to be seen again (or maybe that’s just Angela). The drawback? Good advice here isn’t free. You’ll pay a sign-up fee and monthly charge (or you can opt to pay for a year at a time).

Thumbtack (services)

Thumbtack is kind of like a free version of Angie’s List. The focus is on service professionals. You can search by service, read reviews, and then reach out to professionals. It’s great that it’s free, but…I’ve only had bad experiences with Thumbtack. On two separate occasions, I’ve been ghosted by professionals who (presumably) changed their minds about the work. One was a plumber and the other, a notary.

Oodle Oodle’s tagline is “more listings. smarter classifieds.” There are a lot of listings, but as for the smarter part? Yeah, they might have that wrapped up too. Because what Oodle does is pull classifieds from a number of other online classifieds sites and consolidates the results for you right there. And that caveat about buying fashion items through the classifieds? Well, there was this pair of Michael Kors shoes that we felt oddly drawn to, tucked in amidst the Bandolino boots and brand new Uggs, all of which we were surprised to find. And since we’d already plugged in our zip code, what showed up was within 60 miles of home sweet home.

Hoobly Post free ads and search for local goods, services, merchandise. Honestly, it’s not terribly intuitive to navigate, and the most ads we found seemed to be for dogs. So…if it’s a pit bull with champion bloodlines (mm-hmm) you require, this might just be the place for you. Otherwise, there are better options, in our humble non-pit-bull-requiring opinion.

Classified Ads

Aptly named delivers the online classified ads experience you’d expect. A la Craigslist, the homepage lists the full breadth of categories. Of course, we were drawn to the clothing and apparel section, which was pretty disappointing. The ads were mostly for clothing manufacturers trying to sell wholesale, though we did find one used wedding dress and a boy’s leather jacket.


Anyone remember the paper version of the Pennysaver? I haven’t seen one in ages, but you can still browse Pennysaver ads online. You’re not likely to find clothes this way, but if you need a puppy or an apartment, you might be in luck. Perhaps the best thing about the online Pennysaver is its listings for local yard sales, estate sales, and moving sales — and if you the patience, those might present you with some amazing clothing buys.


Recycler, too, had a paper version back in the day. Today, you can browse listings for cars, used sports equipment, pets, and furniture online. In my local area of St. Louis, Missouri, the options are pretty sparse. It looks to be mostly car dealers promoting the vehicles on their lot.

10 Day Ads is another free site that lets you search for items locally. The site is dated, though, and the user experience is pretty sketchy. For example, I tap on the Clothing and Apparel category and a few listings pop up. But when I try to click on any one listing, it says the ad is expired. So, I’m not sure how active this site is today.

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