Fashion Advice: What to Wear to a New York Wedding

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

I need help! I live in south Florida and I will be attending a wedding in October In NYC. I have no clue about fashion, can you please give me some ideas as to what I should wear?


When in doubt, wear black… it’s what us New Yorkers do when we’re unsure about what to wear. A nice black cocktail dress and a stylish pair of black pumps (with at least a 2.5 inch heel) is a safe look for New York and works with all shapes and sizes (just make sure the dress hits you between your lower thigh and knee). Jazz it up with piece of colored jewelry (red, pink, turquoise ).  Black may be boring, but it’s a great option for NYC.

Three Great Options For a New York Wedding

Crossover Halter Maxi DressCrossover Halter Maxi Dress, $89.50 from Loft

Filtre Lace Inset Wide Leg JumpsuitFiltre Lace Inset Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $68.00 from Nordstrom

City Chic 'Spot Siren' Belted Fit & Flare Halter Dress (Plus Size)City Chic ‘Spot Siren’ Belted Fit & Flare Halter Dress (Plus Size), $98.00 from Nordstrom

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  • @gemma.. definitely check out the Mossimo Black and Merona lines at Target.. All very cute and under $40.. Also is another great source for cute dresses, although most approach the $100 mark. You should also check out, which has cute/stylish dresses for well under $100, should even less than $50.

    Also shop the sales racks of your favorite department stores like Macys and Dillards, JCP, etc.. Since prom season is over, you can find some great semi-formal dresses on sale

  • gemma

    please help!
    i am going to a wedding at the end of april and have no idea what to wear!Im 21 and am looking for something thats ultra fashionable this spring/summer, but that doesn’t break the bank!