How to Buy On-Trend Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

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Special thanks to Chamilia, 7 Charming Sisters and Switch for collaborating with me on this post and donating pieces for this Mothers Day jewelry gifts collection.

Mom’s day is nearly here — and whether your mom is more like Carol Brady, Clair Huxtable or Bonnie Plunkett, the gift you choose carries serious weight. For the fashionista mom, an on-trend jewelry gift is a win/win. You’ll love shopping for the right piece, and she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and sense of style. If we’re on the same page, you might be wondering: Where, exactly, do I go to find on-trend Mother’s Day jewelry pieces that (1) I can afford and (2) she’ll actually wear?

I have the answers for you! Read on to learn how to pick out on-trend pieces and to see my top-picks for Mother’s Day 2017.

DIY: How to Spot Jewelry Trends

I’ll let you in on a secret here. It’s not too hard to predict what will be trending in fashion and accessories. You only need two simple pieces of information:

  • Fall fashion shows in September feature collections for the following spring and summer.
  • Spring fashion shows in February feature collections for the following fall and winter.

Since we’re talking about Mother’s Day, a spring holiday, we can look back to the runways of September, 2016, to see what’s hot. Now of course you can’t just mimic the styles of runway models. Most of the time, the runway ensembles are way too out there to be wearable. What you can do is look for recurring themes and then find ways to adapt them to your lifestyle.

Do this quick runway review, and you’ll see that retailers and fashion brands are doing the same thing — stocking stores with a range of pieces that are more wearable versions of designer styles.

Spring/ Summer Jewelry Trends for Mom

Bright Colors

Color is headlining this spring in both garments and jewelry. Even if mom is timid about her use of color, this season she has a free pass to experiment.

Floral Designs

Floral garments in the spring isn’t revolutionary, but the floral trend is taking hold in the jewelry space as well. Bib necklaces with different-colored stones in floral patterns are particularly striking this season.

Quartz and Stone

We covered this trend earlier in the season, and so did Vogue. Geode, agate and other stone pieces are stunningly simple, but dramatic anchors to long necklaces or even a chunky rings.

Personalized Charms

Chloe brought back the personalized charm bracelet, which is super news if Mom prefers a daintier piece. Try spelling out her first name or simply M-O-M on a necklace for something different.

Arm Cuffs and Chokers

The fall runways were weighted down with arm cuffs, chokers, hand bracelets, mismatched earrings and other bold jewelry styles. Many of these are hard for moms to wear, but you can let the arm cuffs and choker trends guide you to more wearable pieces. Try a cuff-style bracelet or a gemstone choker. Stay away from velvet chokers, as they look better on teens.

Top Picks for On-Trend Mothers Day Jewelry Gifts

Personalized Charm Necklace

Chamilia Charms spelling out MOM for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift
Chamilia Petites Charms in Initials, $30 each,

Grown-up Choker Necklace

Mothers Day Jewelry Gifts - Mom can wear a choker! Just choose a grown-up version that incorporates a nice stone and metal chain.
Rebecca Minkoff Opal Illusions Choker Necklace, $62.99, Zappos

Floral Bib Necklace

Close-up of floral bib necklace from Three Sisters
Juried Jewels Necklace, $47, 7 Charming Sisters

Deal Alert! Use code TheBudgetFashionista15 to save 15% on your purchase at 7 Charming Sisters!

Mothers Day Jewelry Gift Ideas - floral bib necklace makes an outfit out of jeans and a T
Juried Jewels Necklace, $47, 7 Charming Sisters

7 Charming Sisters is the collaboration of seven strong, dedicated, community-focused women. The company is dedicated to providing economic opportunities to those with disabilities — many of the brand’s pieces are handmade by individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Agate Necklace

Mothers Day Jewelry Gifts - pink agate necklace
Agate Necklace with 24″ Satellite Chain, $56, The Rockstar Goddess on Etsy
Mothers Day Jewelry Gift Idea: Gorgeous pink agate necklace on satellite chain
Agate Necklace with 24″ Satellite Chain, $56, The Rockstar Goddess on Etsy

Cuff Bracelet

Mothers Day Jewelry Gifts - Bold cuff bracelet nods to the arm cuff trend, but in a way that's more appropriate for mom!
H by Halston Bold Cuff, $38, QVC
Cuff bracelet
H by Halston Bold Cuff, $38, QVC

Tassel Earrings

Mothers Day Jewelry Gift Ideas: these tassel earrings are an on-trend statement perfect for mom and you when the budget is tight.
Tassel Earrings, $9.99, Target

And If All Else Fails…Try Switch

Switch is a high-end jewelry rental service with plans as low as $29. See our Switch review — it’s a super gift for the mom who doesn’t splurge on herself enough!

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to head out shopping for Mother’s Day jewelry gifts!

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