Mothers Day Gift Guide: For the Heart and Mind

Raising kids is stressful business. Whether she shows it or not, your mom lives under a constant cloud of stress and worry that something terrible will happen to her little ones. Remember when she turned into a psychopath on the sidelines of the soccer field? Well, that’s a peek at the cumulative stress of motherhood.

All that’s to say many moms love a little peace of mind here and there — especially when it comes in the form of a Mother’s Day gift. And so, this section of our 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide is dedicated to gifts that warm the heart and calm the mind.

8 Mom’s Day Gifts for Inner Peace

Folk Poetry

Literature-loving moms will appreciate this book’s exploration of feminism, relationships and family. Heller wrote these poems from 1970s to 2011, and they highlight the journey of becoming a woman during difficult times.

A New Look at Home

GE HD Lights

GE Reveal LED bulbs deliver a clean, white light that’ll enhance colors in any room. Now light bulbs may not seem like a very exciting gift for mom — but you’re really giving her a fresh look in the room of her choice.

Another nice option from GE is the C-Sleep bulb that encourages better sleep by mimicking the sun’s light to support mom’s circadian rhythm.

Street Art Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been trending for over a couple years, and for good reason. Coloring between the lines gets the creative juices flowing in a relaxing, therapeutic way. “Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book” features quirky, fun designs from street artists all over the world. Even better, the company donates a textbook to a partnering school for every coloring book purchased.

Mandala Coloring Book

If mom prefers abstract art over street art, a mandala coloring book is the perfect gift choice. Mandala is a circular, abstract art form that contains symbols and shapes. She’ll have no trouble relaxing with these calming designs and a set of colored pencils on hand.

Sleepphones for Restful Sleep

Have you ever tried to fall asleep wearing earbuds? Yeah, it’s just not happening unless you sleep on your back without moving. SleepPhones are headphones embedded in a comfy headband, so mom can listen to whatever sounds help her sleep.  The testimonials about SleepPhones are fairly compelling – if mom has trouble sleeping, these headphones are the perfect gift.

Personalized Story Book

If mom is now directing her maternal instincts to her pet doggy, she’ll love this cute personalized storybook “If My Dog Could Talk.” The dog’s name and mom’s name are incorporated throughout the story and illustrations. You can also customize the dedication page with two photos and a special message.

Personalized Artwork

For moms who love their family photos, a MyPhoto gift lets her preview and buy artwork that’s personalized with her own photos. The MyPhoto process is super easy — just email a photo to [email protected] and get back a link to preview that photo on all products in the MyPhoto catalog.

I uploaded a picture of me with my horse, and the above image shows how my photo would look as a metal print or acrylic print. There are also heart-shaped prints, wood coasters, bag tags, ornaments and more.

Happy on Purpose Book

Author Diana Fletcher wrote “Happy on Purpose” because happiness is a personal choice we need to make every day. The book shows mom how to do it, by taking her through the year with empowering daily messages to remove self-imposed obstacles and realize your her potential.

They say happy wife = happy life, but the same applies to moms (only it doesn’t rhyme of course). Gifting a bit of inner peace to mom is a thoughtful token of appreciation for all she does.

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