Melissa McCarthy Teams with Seven7

Melissa McCarthy’s had a banner couple of years. She’s gone from the beloved sidekick of Lorelai in Gilmore Girls-era fame to a star in cult-classic comedies like Bridesmaids. Then, she threw critics even further for a loop as a killer leading lady in this year’s action-packed flick, SPY.

The talented actress has had a similar trajectory in the fashion world, with a parallel rise through the style ranks. Having sharpened her own aesthetic throughout the years, the seasoned vet is now serving up impressive red-carpet looks and flattering press junket choices time after time.

And, like any smart celebrity who has cemented herself as a style star in her own right, Melissa’s working hard to bring that glory of looking–and feeling–like a million bucks to the every girl. She’s teamed up with denim favorite Seven7 for a wide-ranging collaboration that merges the world of premium tried-and-true blues with plus sizes. The result is an all-inclusive umbrella of the heralded jeans label.

For Women of All Shapes and Sizes

Admitting that she herself has been “every size on the planet,” the Emmy award-winning actress knows that “you don’t lose your love of fashion” when you hit a new number. With a passion for design since her grade school days, she’s taking on a new role and living out her sartorial dreams with a chic collection made to empower.


Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.