Embrace Your Curves: 16 Plus-Size Blogs to Read Now

The internet and a burgeoning plus-size fashion industry are conspiring to make it a pretty good time for fashionistas with curves. It’s about time! And while we won’t pretend it’s always easy, we certainly can’t deny how excited we are about the ever-expanding wealth of smart, supportive, inspiring, and — above all — trendy plus-size blogs out there. These inspiring plus size fashion bloggers are forging a fabulous  fashion community and reminding us to be proud of our curves. Below are some plus-size blogs that’ll help you say “bye” to the haters.

Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers We Love

For when you’re feeling fierce: Curvaceously Bee

Curvaceously Bee is your classic plus-size fashion blog, complete with everything from honest insights to endlessly chic and accessible style. Blogger Bianca Gale offers top-notch style advice with her signature inspiring flare, often featured in expertly curated special series like her “Black and White” line. This blog provides the unique, smart, confident voice you need in your life — and your closet!

For when you’re trying to get cozy: Pretty Big Butterflies

This well-loved blog about plus-size fashion, food, family, and life has won awards and recognition both inside and outside its native Great Britain. As the best bloggers do, founder Hollie offers much more than style advice — from road trip tips to wedding menu advice — reminding readers that they’re so much more than their curves.

For when you need a cheerleader: From Head to Curve

From Head to Curve is everything you want from a fashion and lifestyle blog. Focusing on confidence, health, and inspiration, blog founder Ashley walks her readers through everything from fierce work fashion to dealing with anxiety and big life changes. Reading From Head to Curve feels like having a heart-to-heart with one of your closest, wisest friends.

For when you need some serious sunshine: Curvy Girl Chic

Allison Teng

No matter your mood or your style, this fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog is guaranteed to make you smile. With an endlessly optimistic tone and gorgeous photos featuring perpetual California sunshine, Allison Teng’s bright attitude and fabulous fashion sense will make you want to take on the world (in style!)

For the pro fashionista: Lovely in LA

Founder Rachel Richardson is not only a fabulously dressed, sharp-witted blogger, but also an industry insider with priceless insights into plus-size fashion both on the runway and in people’s closets. Her wide-ranging posts are always clever, trendy, useful, and just plain fun to read, not to mention super inspirational for readers of all shapes and sizes.

For all the good vibes: Fashion, Love, and Martinis

This smart, chic, whimsical blog has an entire section labeled “Sprinkles of Self-Acceptance”: need we say more? In all seriousness, though, blog founder Amanda Allison’s spot-on fashion sense and super-positive honesty are addictive. You won’t just want to keep up with her latest outfits — you’ll want to follow all the fun she seems to be having, too!

For when you need some sass: Fat Girl Flow

No one keeps it real like Corissa from the blog Fat Girl Flow. Yes, her outfits are straight-up stunning — dripping with chic, graceful, yet playful style. And she fills her posts with refreshingly brutal honesty and hilarious insights. You need the wisdom of Fat Girl Flow like you need a wine-fueled all-nighter with your best friend, except you can’t get a hangover from Corissa’s sharp wit, genuine positivity, and fabulous fashion sense.

For the girl who’s curvy and tall: Alloy Apparel

Originating as a haven for tall women to air their #tallgirlproblems, inspire confidence, and encourage health and wellness, Alloy Apparel’s smart, sassy blog provides an amazing network of other blogs, influencers, and brands that cater to tall and curvy women – not to mention giving readers sneak peeks of the best deals for their tall and plus-size lines.



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