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5 Awesome, Stylish Laptop Sleeves Under $60

As a fashionista, form must meet function, even when it comes to our electronics. The advent of stylish laptop sleeves is a perfect example.

Your laptop is an integral part of work and play, and should be protected and displayed as such. You know, in a way that represents your personality and priorities. I can’t say I know you of course — but I can show shop for laptop sleeves that are so chic, you may want to show them off as your new favorite accessory.

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1. Artsy laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeve with landscape in muted blues and tans.

SpaceFrogDesigns Amber Dusk laptop sleeve is a true conversation piece. The artwork features an abstract mountain scape with lovely blue and beige tones. It’s neutral and eye-catching at the same time — a rare combo.

The regular price on the 13-inch sleeve is $45, but it’s marked down sometimes to $31. There’s also a 15-inch version that’s just a touch more. Buy it at Society6.

2. Lavender sleeve with matching cable case

Lavender laptop sleeve with matching cable case.

The scent of lavender has a calming effect — and I’m convinced the color does, too. This lovely sleeve with matching cable case is beautiful in the softest way. You may want to leave it sitting out on your desk, to be a calming force as you tackle your day.

The case made of PU which is basically faux leather. That’s not a bad thing, though — user reviews still say it’s high quality.

The price for the MacBook 13-inch is $55. Shop this case at

3. Leather envelope-style sleeve

Brown leather, envelope-style laptop sleeve.

I’ll start with the most amazing features of this lovely brown sleeve: The price is $7 and you can get it delivered in days via Amazon Prime. No joke.

The sleeve is real leather and there are two sizes. One fits a 14-inch MacBook Pro and the other fits a 15-inch. If your laptop is on the larger side, you’re out of luck with this model, unfortunately.

Note that this is a compact design. You can’t stuff a bunch of stuff in the sleeve along with your computer. So, leave the mouse at home and slip your cable into your briefcase.

4. Handle sleeve in pink

Soft pink laptop sleeve with handle.

The clutch-style laptop sleeve is popular, but a handle can be so convenient! Use it to yank the sleeve out of your tote, or to leave the tote at home entirely. You can also tuck the handle in so it’s out of the way if you don’t need it.

MOSISO has this pretty sleeve in more than 30 colors and six sizes, ranging from 12.3-inch to 17.3-inch. The outer pocket gives you a place to slide in a note pad and sleek pen.

Get this bag for $19 on Amazon.

5. Ocean-inspired laptop sleeve

Leather laptop sleeve with blue and green design.

Londo’s genuine leather sleeve features a soothing and expensive-looking blue, green, and gold pattern. User reviews repeatedly describe this piece as “perfect.” The slim design with no buttons or zippers — so you can slip it inside another bag without tearing or grabbing.

Choose from two sizes (13-inch and 16-inch) and seven designs. The price is $54.12 and you can buy it on Amazon.

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