Are You Too OLD for Leggings?

Dear Budget Fashionista,

How old is too old to wear leggings? I recently found some cute babydoll tops at Kohl’s that would look great with them, but I feel like leggings would be trying way too hard. Plus I’m carrying some extra pounds! Any advice?

Answer: You’re never too old to wear leggings, but you do want to modify how you wear them.

Some Tips on How to Wear Leggings for Mature Fashionistas:

– Stick to basic, dark colors—dark blue, black, brown.
– Wear them under dresses that hit at least mid thigh or long cocoon type coats and avoid short, unflattering tops (sorry—that includes baby doll tops).
– Pair them with a cute pair of ballet flats, but avoid the urge wear them with heels.
– If you have thick ankles, avoid leggings like the plague.
– Last, but not least, throw them out the moment they become too stretched, discolored, etc.

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