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How to Shop

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To be perfectly honest, it hardly ever occurred to us to shop online for beauty and personal care items (that’s why God created WalMart, right?), but once we’ve spent a little time clicking around on, we’re seeing things in a new light. First of all, shopping online gives us time to sit and plan exactly what we need to buy (saving us both the multiple trips for each individual item we forgot the last time AND the temptation to buy that $28 .005 oz. bottle of “eye illuminator” that promises to take off 10 years, instead of the $3.99 generic moisturizer we actually went in for . . . ), and second—free shipping is frequently available, saving us both those pesky delivery charges in addition to gas money . . .

Okay, so now that you’re thinking about shopping, you’ll want to do it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Which is why we’ve compiled a few tips (we’re not your cyber shopping BFFs for nothing) to help you get started:

Buy a Lot at One Time. A single purchase consisting of a bottle of shampoo and a tube of mascara, of course, is not exactly an effective way to shop online. Make a list of a larger number of items you’re going to need, and order all at once—because offers free ground shipping on orders of $49 or more (spend $99 or more and you’ll get free 3-day shipping).

Auto Delivery. Yes, that means exactly what you think. Create a list of items you regularly need (and that are marked as eligible for auto delivery), specify how frequently you’d like to purchase them (every 30 days, 60 days, etc.) and done. You’ll have that soap, moisturizer, shampoo, whatever, without having to go back and reorder every time. Let’s see WalMart do THAT.

Take Advantage of Other Shipping Offers. It’s easy—you’ll get free shipping on your very first order if you spend only $25 or more, and even better, if you buy one of the site’s “free shipping items”, you’ll get free shipping on your entire order. Nice. Dollars. Saving money is always priority number one, and if you’re going to shop regularly at, it makes sense to take advantage of this free program, which gives you 5% back on eligible purchases. No, it’s not a windfall of cash, but every little savings helps, especially when it’s stuff you were buying anyway. And it’s automatic as soon as you register your account—no additional form to fill out. You earn your “dollars’ in quarterly increments, and then have one month to spend them (they’ll be applied to the first eligible order you place during the month automatically).

Click on the “Coupons” Tab. It’s tucked in there at the top, amidst all the other category tabs, so it’d be easy to overlook—but be sure to click it to check out online coupons! on a variety of products (for example, we’ve seen coupons for $2 off Revlon products, $3 off Infusium products, $2 off Nutrisse haircolor, and more).

Check Out Their Sister Site, is kind of a beauty central, where you’ll not only find all kinds of beauty products but also beauty news, advice, product reviews, and a beauty community. You’re 5% back in dollars applies to as well, and you can combine orders.

Go Green. If organic and/or eco-friendly products are a priority, has it covered with a number of “green partners” including Burt’s Bees, method, Seventh Generation, and more.

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