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10 Green Blogs We Love

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There are a lot of green blogs out there, so to help you focus on the best ones here’s a list of our 11 favorite environmentally-focused blogs across the web:

10 Awesome Green Blogs

1. Huffington Post Green – With original posts, journalism links from sources such as The New York Times and the Telegraph, as well as blog posts from around the green web, Huffington Post Green is a one-stop shop for finding out what’s gone on in green during the day.

2. Garden Girl TV – Have a New Year’s Resolution to start a garden? Wondering how you can do it in a small space? Or perhaps you’re ready to plant that bare root grape vine and realize you have no idea how to go about it. Whatever the goal, Patti Moreno (the Garden Girl) has a video to get you started realizing your urban sustainable living dream.

3. Inhabitat – Sustainable style, materials, and future-thinking design concepts and architecture come together in this blog. Every time we peruse the site we’re overwhelmed by the desire to build something.

4. World Changing – The mission of World Changing reads, “World Changing was founded on the idea that real solutions already exist for building the future we want. It’s just a matter of grabbing hold and getting moving.”A blog dedicated to changing the way we think…

5. Max Gladwell – What do you get when you cross green with social media? Max Gladwell. The creator of #EcoMonday, this blog covers people, trends and innovations in social media as well as green living. But it’s their thought-provoking, often off-topic but somewhat related posts that keep us coming back each day to continue the discussion.

6. Treehugger – One of the first (started in 2004) and still one of the best, TreeHugger provides a comprehensive blog which includes the latest news, products, and videos. Articles are posted 24/7 by writers all over the world. Now that TreeHugger was purchased by Discovery and partnered with Planet Green, look for an even greater expansion

7. Green Options – A network of green blogs hailing from the Bay Area (a green Mecca) the site branches off into green blogs covering a wide range of topics: food, products, fashion, news, politics and even crafts.

8. The Alternative Consumer – With an eye towards the next wave of consumerism, The Alternative Consumer provides reviews of interesting green products, including fashion and décor.

9. EarthFirst – Green analysis for the hip and hilarious. With a definite edge, EarthFirst talks to its readers the way we talk to our best friends when no one else can hear. The site is clean, easy to read and socially savvy.

10. The Daily Green – Presented more like a green newspaper (thus the clever name), The Daily Green features blog, videos and guides. Consumer-focused, the site offers a wide range of material from “weird weather” to health advice.

Glass Bottles

Friday 16th of April 2010

Thanks for sharing. I was aware of some of these, but I will check out the others. Glad to hear that there are so many choices when learning how to improve our environment.


Thursday 21st of January 2010

Have to agree with most of your picks, but you left us out, boo, hoo. Only kidding, you can't make every single list. And definitely, we'd put Budget Ecoist at the top of ours. Thanks!


Wednesday 20th of January 2010

Sweet - thank you!

Nick Aster

Wednesday 20th of January 2010

Nice list guys. Top 11 is the new 10. I'd also suggest a few others - Grist, TriplePundit, InspiredProtagonist, EcoFabulous and Joel Makower!

Jonathon Colman

Wednesday 20th of January 2010

What about The Nature Conservancy's conservation-focused blog, Cool Green Science? See it at ? They have a large stock of authors who are actually scientists and make their work on issues like climate change and endangered species accessible for a large audience.

Similarly, RealClimate at is another fantastic science-oriented blog.

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