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Celebrity Style Deconstructed: Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto might be the most down-to-earth celeb in L.A. She keeps away from the party scene, never causes controversy and stays loyal to her long-time boyfriend, fellow Slumdog Millionaire alum Dev Patel.

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Without letting the lights and cameras get to her, Freida Pinto manages to be one of the most glamorous women in existence. With looks like that, it’s not hard for her to stand out, but it’s the way that Freida’s humble spirit translates into her style that really sets her apart from the masses.

celebrity style 1

Credits:Ammar Abd Rabbo/Abaca and Dan Steinberg/AP

1. Get back to your roots

Freida Pinto is India’s hottest export, and she won’t let us forget it, especially since her gorgeous garments often give a sartorial nod to her unbringing. We love that L.A. hasn’t become Freida’s La-La Land, and that she’s still grounded enough to rock her own style in a place where image is everything. Sexy confidence starts with knowing who you are and where you came from. Why not show the world through your clothes?

celebrity style 2

1. Ethnic Trims Woven Dress, $27.80, Forever 21
2. Indah Maya Dress, $97, Swell

2. Make a statement with bling

celebrity style 3

Credits: Fred Duval/FilmMagic and Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Freida Pinto is one of the most sparkly women on the red carpet, but oddly, she hardly wears any jewelry. Instead, Freida likes her bling and baubles where they’ll cause her the least trouble: right on her dress. Especially when you’re working the camera, it’s a relief not to have to fuss with necklaces and earrings. And it’ll save any girl a lot of stress not having to take the time to pick the right accessories.

celebrity style 4

3. Kimchi Blue Embellished Tank Top, $30, Urban Outfitters
4. Shift Dress with Stone Embellishment, $103, Asos

3. Choose bright and rich hues

celebrity style 5

Credits: Dominique Charriau/WireImage and Andrew H. Walker/Getty

There is no woman in Hollywood (and we do mean absolutely no woman) who utilizes color in her wardrobe as well as Freida Pinto. Since she stepped into the spotlight nearly four years ago, it’s been Freida’s daring hues that have landed her on list after list of best-dressed celebs. Admittedly, she has an advantage– any color would look good against that perfect olive complexion. You may not be able to wear every color, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make use of the hues you do look fabulous in.

celebrity style 6

5. Gianni Bini “Gail” Knit Top, $38, Dillards
6. Type Z Quinn Dress, $85, Zappos

4. Create elegance with sheen

celebrity style 7

Credits: Steve Mack/FilmMagic and Axelle Woussen/Bauer-Griffin

Whether it’s a shiny satin fabric or a glittery trim on your dress, a little shine goes a long way when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Select soft, silky fabrics for tops and satin shoes to turn your look from sweet to chic.

celebrity style 8

7. Pleated Neck Silk Top, $35, The Limited
8. Hevenly Satin Heels, $20, Steve Madden

5. When you can, keep it simple

celebrity style 9

Credits: Steven A Henry/WireImage and  Les Wawrow/Getty Images

Whenever she can get away with it, Freida plays it casual, which we think is a brilliant move. The thing about glamour is, you have to know when to bring your A-game and when to keep it casual. For daytime, or even for less-than-formal evening events, Freida steps out with a simple blow-dry, uncomplicated silhouettes and nude hues. That way, when she brings the glamour, it makes that much more of a statement.

celebrity style 10

9. American Vintage Short Tank Dress, $57, Revolve Clothing
10. Fergalicious Utopia, $30, Famous Footwear


Friday 3rd of June 2011

I think Freida Pinto is gorgeous and I admire her style (as well as your wonderful compilation), but I chuckled at your intro. It's true that she has kept a low profile since arriving on the Hollywood scene, but I respectfully disagree that she "never causes controversy." Bollywood ridiculed her for leaving her 2-year fiance -- who quietly devoted 6 years to helping launch her career -- once she hit it big in Hollywood.

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