Fall Trend: Capes and Ponchos

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Of the 10 odd possible chic outerwear options, it was a little surprising this season when we saw capes and ponchos hitting Fall runways (again, wasn’t this a trend we saw in 2004?). We saw a ton of variations on the style at Temperly London, Vena Cava, Rag and Bone, Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and everyone’s favorite new label, Altazurra.

One of the things we like about the loose fitting cover ups is that they can be both subtle and eye catching in their oddity. Plus they’re easy to style and very low maintenance.

In terms of recent celebs rockin’ the trend, Sienna Miller has the English schoolgirl down to perfection, donning a short cape with a white Oxford top and a short black plated skirt with, of course, a beret cap and classic, structured bag. Kate Moss, obviously true to form, going for a more bold eveningwear look, opted for a glitzier, sequined version with a black silk jumpsuit. Capes also come as loose fitting coats, a la Blair Waldorf or left open and layered with bright cardigans.

Our Picks for Capes Under $100

Capes and Ponchos
1. ASOS Military Knitted Cape, $67
2. California Fleece Cape, $65 at American Apparel
3. Cape Style Jacket, $29.99 at Newport News

Capes and Ponchos
4. Rainwave Tribal Waterproof Festival Kimono, $75 at ASOS
5. Taupe couture cape, $54.99 at Modcloth

Capes and Ponchos
6. The Wanderer Cape, $57.99 at Modcloth
7. Tarnish Mock Neck Wing Sleeve Capelet, $88 at Nordstrom

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  • Marian Librarian

    I am so happy to hear the cape/poncho trend is back! I bought a plaid cape from Eddie Bauer Outlet on clearance this spring (from last fall, apparently). I don’t mind rocking a look alone, but I prefer to be on-trend if it works out!

  • Samanthalous

    This is a classic style that never really goes out, if your chilly you can just pair with chunky knit arm warmers which I have seen a lot this fall.

  • Sarah

    I bought a kimono sleeved sweater when they were in style. It is not practical to have sleeves that are so wide. If you are eating at a restaurant with wide sleeves it is easy to get them into your soup while you reach across the table for a piece of bread. Plus the wide sleeves prevents an always chilly woman like me from being warmer. These coats and sweaters are cute but I will not be buying one.

  • Lynn

    It’s interesting that you mention that capes are coming back, I saw a sweater/cardigan on Forever 21 under the Faith21 section that was popular a couple years ago. It’s the cardigan that has the satin tie off.