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6 Amazing Jeans Outfits — Wait for It…

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Okay, wait. Jeans and a t-shirt combos can look fresh, especially when you step out of the conventional slim jeans and slightly slouchy t-shirt pairing. Pick an exaggeratedly boxy top and some wide leg denim, then add a pair of classic aviators to finish it off. (Tip: try SmartBuySunglasses for deals on brand-name sunnies!) It’s still jeans and a t-shirt. But really, it’s so much more. This has attitude.

3. The easy cotton pant (for grown-ups)

If you were reaching for jeans and a t-shirt you probably don’t want to wear fancy silk pants. Gotcha. But if you pick up a pair like these — cotton, machine washable, casual but cool pants — you’ll look more polished with no extra effort.

4. Pretty shorts

Something about a great pair of shorts just feels more put-together than plain old jeans. There’s conviction behind your choice, like “oooooh, you’re doing a shorts look today.” Pick shorts that are high-waisted or scalloped, with enough fabric so don’t feel like you’re wearing booty shorts. They’ll be pretty, and you’ll be comfortable.

5. The button-down swap

Jeans and white shirt outfit

Same theory as the no-fuss pants: slip on a button-down with those jeans instead of a t-shirt, and it’ll look crisper. Extra points for a cool print, of course. And yeah, we’d suggest cotton ones that don’t require any dry cleaning so you’ll actually wear them over and over.

6. Dress and sneaks

Jersey t-shirt dresses like this are basically nightgowns that are considered cool to wear in public. So honestly, they’re even easier to default to than jeans and t-shirt. And when you add classic white sneakers, it looks stylized in an off-duty model kind of way.