Online Stores that Ship International

We’ve received quite a few questions from readers regarding what US based online stores ship to Canada and other international destinations. Below is brief list of stores that ship abroad and of stores that don’t (Target still doesn’t ship abroad, which seems like a lost opportunity to me). If you know of any other stores, please feel free to add them below.

South America
American Eagle *
e.l.f. Cosmetics
Forever 21
Gilt Groupe
Neiman Marcus
Old Navy
SmartBargains **
Urban Outfitters
Zappos **

*Egypt and South Africa only


  1. xoxem says

    love forever21 :) i live in canada so the shipping isn’t that bad. But I do hate non-free shipping. :) can i add a store? has free shipping worldwide plus i;vebought from it and the quality is great! totally budget worthy!

  2. Moppety says

    Macy’s ship to Australia for a very reasonable sum….I ordered towels, trousers, table linen, and they charged me $11! Bloomingdales also ship to Australia

  3. says

    That’s a handy list. I think for all of us outside of the US, for shoes, Endless can’t be beat. I’m a sucker for free international shipping and they provide that for orders over $100. In case it’s of interest to your international readers, we have put together a blog featuring only those stores that do free international shipping. Hope this doesn’t sound spammy! Anyway – Hope it helps save a few people a few $$.

  4. says

    Macy’s are not shipping internationally at the moment website says it is temporary but has been the case for a while now. Anything to do with their big sale I wonder??

  5. lobke says

    hi, i was just checking this page and i know that forever21 does ship in europe and elf cosmetics as well. I live in the netherlands and order on both sites and love it :)

  6. Margaret says

    My experience with Macy’s shipping to Australia:
    1. Placed an order last Nov.. two days later recieved and email saying their site was down and to replace the order. Didn’t do that, so one lost order for them.
    2. Placed a new order 23 Dec 12 for 5 items. They emailed me to say that one item was not available 2 days later. They shipped one item that took 17 days to arrive- Ok, it was Xmas. The rest of the order still not shipped by 17th Feb. No communication from them. Emailed customer service who replied that my order was now ready to be shipped. Still waiting… not impressed and will not be reordering again. Best US site so far? Land’s End by a mile!!! And it’s not on your list. And Macy’s shipping is not cheap.

  7. says

    Ann Taylor doesn’t ship anywhere outside of US and Puerto Rico. I am devastated because they carry size 00 petite that’s hard to buy!

  8. Pamela O'Brien says

    I have been shopping with J.C Penney off and on for a number of years, and they do ship to Aust. As does Sierra Trading Post. I have never experienced problems with either.

  9. Naomi Bryan says

    Still waiting for Target to ship to the Netherlands!!! Recently discovered Goodkoop, huge amount of fashion at really good prices and they ship worldwide.

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