Target Saying No to Long Term Designer Partnerships

Credit: Pink Rock Candy

Word on the street (and at retail conferences, which are surprisingly gossipy events) is that Target WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT do any more long term collabos like it’s highly successful line with Isaac Mizrahi. Instead, they’re looking to focus on one-off designer partnerships and the new Go International private collection. Does this mean the store will continue on it’s mission to forget the folks who really shop there (35+ year old moms) and try to be the mass market version of Forever 21? With the styling of the private collection being a bit “more grown-up”, will the line change it’s sizing from Juniors (1-15) to Misses (2-18)? Questions.. Questions…

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  1. tammie says

    I dunno, I’m 22 and I shop at Target all the time. To be honest the clothes were nearly always sized too small anyhow, so they were always similar to Forever 21 in that aspect.

  2. Target-Addict says

    This is horrible news.  I saw the new ‘in-house designed’ Go International collection firsthand in store today….and it’s horrible.  Cheap and shoddy fabrics, bad construction, weird color combos (like mustard yellow and charcoal gray…hello??).  And don’t get me started on the Joy Grayson bag collection.  Ditto on that: cheap materials, garish colors.  Target needs to get their act together and hire BIG name designers again, stat!

  3. cara_starr says

    it’s funny because, when i first heard the news that Isaac was leaving, i began to notice that the Merona line was getting extra attention. More signage, display, etc. So in a way i’m not surprised that they are making this decision. it already looks like they are going to pump up their own “line” instead. But Merona? ugh. it needs a new name.

  4. says

    I think Target is definitely in a transition mode with their fashion direction. A few random observations:

    – The Isaac Mizrahi line has never, ever done anything for me. The cut always seemed boxy, the material was cheap (enough polyester, Isaac) and the colors /overall design all cause me to laugh out loud in the store and wonder if Isaac was trying to purposely sabotage his Target deal with these gawd-awful clothes. Some may argue that these are aimed at a 35-and-over demographic, but I am now 36 and have been consistently disappointed by these dowdy cuts, cheap fabrics and overall fugliness for so long. I will not be sad to see this line go.

    – The Go International guest designer stuff may be of iffy quality, but there are some cute pieces among the lines. Unfortunately, having lived in Austin, Nashville and Santa Fe in the last couple of years, I have never found a nicely stocked display of these. They are always picked over. I’m not going to camp outside the Target to get in first for a Go International product; why can’t they keep these things in stock? I don’t want to play the sizing game by chancing an internet order, paying shipping fees each way.

    – The Go International lines, in spite of whatever argument you may want to make about quality vs. price, are clearly selling like hotcakes. Money talks, and these collections have been getting more and more hype as each new one is unveiled, garnering Target more publicity. The Go stuff is selling out and rarely do I see pieces on the clearance rack – I see tons of Isaac’s stuff there. So naturally they’re going to go where the hype/excitement and the money is – that’s smart business for Target.

    After all, Target broke from the pack of its competitors (K-Mart, anyone?) by keeping things fresh, new and hip, and it’s clearly worked well so far.

    So I say get those shapeless fluorescent polyester Isaac wool dresses out the door as soon as you can, Target, and keep refining the new stuff. It’s been the key to your success in recent years, so why change a good trend?

  5. KBAM says

    I’m in complete agreement with ModernLunacy.  The Mizrahi stuff never fit properly and was often made from oddly-colored or -patterned fabrics.  I have never purchased even one piece from that collection.  I like the Mossimo line a lot better, and it’s usually half the price.  Target could use a better “career” sort of section, but I think they could do that with out a collection that was so self-consciously “hip.”

  6. anne says

    Years ago Isaac use to make things that sold at Nieman’s, Saks etc, and he was in his 20’s and hungry. Now if a door is open he wants in. I think he has talent, but unfortunately he is
    greedy and quality is not his No ! or 2 or 3. I saw his stuff at Target and can’t imagine which
    exec. said go on it, It was all of the above, he didn’t last at Liz Claiborne and now he’s on QVC.
    He is selling among a lot of over priced others, psuedo driving moc. knockoff. The
    reviews are that its way oversized and flimsy. Poor Isaac. Maybe he’ll get the messages.
    I think in this crazy world everyone has to put their best effort forth. In his case excellent
    interesting fabrics , enviable worksmanship and humility.

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