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In the world of beauty Sephora is a trusted name, and while some of their offerings are out of our everyday beauty budget range, we find enough quality products that are either minor splurges or a deal on sale to keep us coming back. But more and more, we’d like to do our beauty shopping the same way we do much of our clothes shopping—online. So we decided to forget trekking to the mall and check out Sephora’s website instead.

Our Review: Where to begin? We’re kinda impressed with this site, so here’s the rundown—Sephora offers their own brand beauty products as well as a whole host of other quality brands (think Smashbox, Bare Escentuals, Benefit, etc.), with all kinds of incentives to buy, including free shipping over $50, free samples, free returns, weekly specials, online-only products, and a sale section that’s worth keeping in the regular rotation.

Now we’ll admit that buying make-up online isn’t always easy (as if it’s not hard enough to pick the right color under the fluorescent lights at WalMart, now we have to do it on a computer screen …) but Sephora also features customer reviews (which are one of our favorite ways to gauge a product’s worth) and a product question and answer so you can get advice before you buy.

Need another reason to shop? If you’re environmentally conscious, has you covered there as well—with a really impressive selection of organic and natural beauty product brands, ranging from slightly pricey to pretty darn affordable (this Bare Escentuals Natural Lipgloss , for example, is $15.)

The Verdict: Yea. lets us satisfy our beauty cravings without leaving the air-conditioned comfort of the office (during our lunch hour, of course).

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