Keep it handy for Halloween: Bridesmaids was the most talked about comedy of the year, and more importantly, it forever glorifies the crazy bridesmaids. Ride on the pop culture wave, and keep your dress readily available for Halloween. Gather up your other former ‘maids, and dress up as the entire Bridesmaids entourage this Halloween. Or just go solo as a zombie Maid of Honor. (Yeah, we added in the zombie part since people always dress up as zombie brides.) Either way, it saves you a trip to Party City and a $40 costume you’ll wear once.

Alter it: Whether you’re a DIY chica or you’re BFFs with your tailor, consider alterations. While it’s unlikely that you’ll wear a satin red dress, you could wear it in pieces. Consider separating the dress into two parts, and voila, you have a top for a night out on the town. Or you have a slightly over-the-top skirt that you can temper with a calm top. If you wore a long number, consider shortening the length to a cocktail dress.

Gift it back to the bride: We poke fun of less-than-stellar dresses, but the truth of the matter is that being asked to be a bridesmaid is really the highest honor when it comes to friendships. Consider repurposing the dress into a memorable gift for the bride. A quilt, headband, picture frame, or decorative pillow. The possibilities for creative reinterpretation are endless, depending on how handy you are in the sewing room.