How to Recycle a Bridesmaid Dress

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

The notorious bridesmaid dress has been immortalized in all its silk taffeta awesome awfulness. Yup, we’re talking about Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses and the slew of bridezilla movies featuring the horrid bridesmaid’s dress. Yet, for those of us who have been there, done that, most bridesmaids dresses are somewhere between horrible/terrible/no good and the thoughtful bride’s insistence that it’s “soooo wearable.” To prevent having 27 “interesting” (for lack of a better word) bridesmaids dresses accumulating dust in your tiny closet, we’ve got five suggestions on how to recycle your bridesmaid’s dress.

How to Recycle Your Bridesmaid Dress!

Sell it on Ebay: Is your dress from one of the go-to retailers? (Ahem, JCREW!) Chances are 43243243 other women are donning or will don JCrew bridesmaids dresses, and there is someone out there who will need your baby blue silk chiffon number. If you’re not going to wear your long, plum-colored dress again (and trust us, you won’t), put it up for sale on eBay. You get some of your money back, and another bridesmaid gets her dress for a huge discounted price. Everyone wins!

Donate as a prom dress: When else can you wear a poofy dress in shiny pumpkin orange? Does prom ring a bell? So, most of us would rather eat a toenail than travel back in time to the days of braces and breakouts. (Plus, the slight problem that time travel hasn’t been invented yet.) Instead, donate your old bridesmaid dress to charities like the Princess Project and Donate My Dress that provide outfits for girls who can’t afford prom dresses. You get rid of your dress, a teen gets a dress for prom, and you may get a tax break! Again, everyone wins!