Preview Christian Siriano’s Payless Collection

What: Christian Siriano already has a bunch of shoes available on Payless, but it’s what’s coming down the pipeline in mid-March that’s got everyone all abuzz. A preview of the upcoming collection has been leaked online, and it’s apparently identical to what was worn on the runway for Siriano’s spring 2010 show. Each will retail for $79.99.

What They Say:

We’re excited: right now, there’s only one lonely, tame Christian Siriano flat left at Payless–we think Siriano’s name will be more justly served once its outrageous cousins arrive to keep it company.

What We Say: Okay, so at $80, you’re not paying way, way less, but we like the idea that we can buy something a supermodel would wear on a runway at Payless. Thoughts?

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  1. says

    i love, Love LOVE the shoes but unfortunately i can’t do skinny heels. those kill me. and it’s a shame, cause am really big on platforms. almost all my shoes are platforms nowadays. but skinny heels? sad blogdiva is sad 😉

  2. says

    I was in Payless this week on Wall street and the blue satin pair were priced at $34.99. Also, Lela Rose had a couple of nice pairs too for $29.99. I tried them on and they were pretty comfy. The heels were a regular thick stiletto heel and the platform was modest height. Overall the shoes were comfortable and cute. I think I might purchase a pair, now, that I talked them up.

  3. Sarah says

    These strange heels and shoe shapes look like they would only belong on a runway or in a mag shoot. In real life, can any of us walk in these car to table shoes? Also people with calves that are too thin like me need a shorter heel when wearing skirts or dresses. High heels make calves look skinnier and I have been too lazy to go to the gym lately to build them up. (because yoga is more fun than doing calf lifts).

  4. Davis says

    Mmm they are the “ugly shoes that will probably look cute on”… however I know me I won’t be paying $80 for payless shoes. I say a great shoe to get once they come down in price.

  5. says

    Christian is a BEAST!!! I love his shoe collection and I will camp out to score a few pairs of his shoes. They are amazing!!!



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