Plus Size Fashions: Fashion isn’t Just for Skinny People

The era of flower-printed muumuus is long gone.

The fashion caste system that separated people into those who can (skinny and rich) and those who can’t (everyone else) created by snobby designers and power-hungry fashion editors (who by the way are often plus-sized themselves), is crumbling. A fashion utopia is emerging—one that offers several fashion options for curvy fashionistas, none of which involve polyester tent dresses.

In this article, we give you the rules to follow and the stores to shop to enhance your voluptuous, fashionable self. Take that, Kate Moss!

The Rules of Plus Size Fashions

In this diet-obsessed, waif-model culture, designers still gear their creations toward a size 4 (a shout-out to all of the skinny fashionistas—we love you, too) and their version of “plus size” is just a bigger size 4. Fear not! Commit these size rules to heart and watch your style quotient rise.

  1. Dress monochromatically. Dressing in one color de-emphasizes your problem areas by creating one long silhouette.
  2. Break out the heels. Heels elongate your legs, making you look slimmer in the process. Stores like offer a huge selection of pumps and heels from designers like Etro and Roberto Cavalli .
  3. Low-Low-rise is not an option. Very few people, regardless of size, can wear low-low-rise pants.
  4. Avoid crop jackets. Crop jackets draw attention to your waist and butt. Purchase well-structured jackets that hit you right below your bottom.
  5. Vertical lines are a must. Vertical stripes make you look thinner by drawing the eye to look up and down rather than side to side.
  6. Purchase boot-cut pants. Pencil-leg pants make big butts look even bigger. Stick with pants that have a slight flare at the bottom to create a more balanced look.
  7. Find a great tailor. Don’t throw out those great-fitting pants because they’re too long. A sharp tailor will be able to hem them to your desired length for less than $20.

The Plus-Size Fashion Stores

So where can you buy these clothes? Below are the best stores to purchase plus-size fashions that will enhance your style while going easy on your pocketbook. A great place to find more contemporary fashions for younger curvy gals. If you are a plus size fashionista in need of a Prom dress, this is the place to go.

Newport News offers cheap, trendy fashions in sizes up to 28. Almost all of the clothes you see on their size 2 models are available in larger sizes.

Lane Bryant.  Lane Bryant is the best plus size fashion store on the web. They offer a wide array of grandma-free plus size fashions including a new jeans line called “Seven7”. Finally someone got the memo that plus size stylistas want designer jeans as well.

Believe it or not, the online version of Gap carries pants up to size 20. In addition, outerwear, sweaters and tops are available up to size XXL.

Kiyonna. This little Web site features sophisticated styles for fashionistas who wear a size 12 or higher. We are big fans of their dresses.

Owned by The Gap, has cheaper, lower-quality versions of the fashions seen at their parent store, up to size 28 Plus/3XL. It is a great place to stock up on tees, tanks, and other items you may buy in bulk.