Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Is All About The Checkboard

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky.

Daniel Buren, the artist behind the checkerboard backdrop at Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show, also had a hand in the season’s ad campaign. For each picture, he’s created a similar motif of yellow and white squares to mirror the models’ mod ensembles, a matchy-matchy effect requested by LV artistic director Marc Jacobs. According to WWD, he’s going for a “message of repetition.”

However, the message I get from looking at these advertisements is one of slight panic: It’s only mid-December, I have ZERO Christmas shopping done and now all I can think about is buying new clothes I can’t wear for several more months. But how can I not? Just look at the photo! It’s so different than everything else happening in fashion right now. And I love that.

There is one upside of waiting though—the new season of Mad Men airs around the time it’ll be warm enough to try these Factory Girl looks. And what better way to celebrate the return of Don Draper than with an outfit Megan would love? (That tan and white mini is so her style, right?)

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