Get More Mileage Out Of Your Wardrobe Investments


In case you missed it: How to get more mileage out of your closet.


Save your favorite warm weather piece by learning how to unshrink a wool sweater.    (Pst, its easy: all you need is hair conditioner.)

Learn how to lock a zipper, and keep your jeans, tight dresses and boots from slowly slipping off.  Huh?  Who even knew that zippers could lock? 

Can’t wait to pull out your silk scarf and sunnies for warm weather?  Learn how to keep a scarf on your head letting it falling off.

Take care of your best shoe purchases by wearing them properly.  Learn how to break in new shoes without breaking the bank, the shoes, or an ankle. 

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  1. Fasshonaburu says

    Can you write about getting sweater holes re-knitted? And possibly how to find a tailor who does that?

  2. Isabel says

    The best way to find anyone to take care of your wardrobe, I have found, is to call a local store that sells good clothing/shoes/sweaters and ask who they would recommend for the task. I found an amazing shoe repair place that way – I need to tighten the calves on my boots and a local shoe shop pointed me in the right direction!

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