Sponsored Post – Deconstructing First Date Outfits: What Your Attire Reveals


Leggings/Tunic/Over-the-knee-boots/Leather Jacket 

Rocker Style as First Date Outfits

You prefer indie foreign flicks over Kate Hudson rom-coms, and Comic Con is on your bucket list.  (You’re totally going as Chun Li from Street Fighter.)  This doesn’t mean to say that you don’t have a girly side.  Yes, you sing the Beibs in the shower really loudly, and maybe in the car because you own all his CDs.

Suit Two-Piece 

Woman in Suit as First Date Outfits

You’re not looking to relive your sorority days of making out with cute (or not-so-cute) frat boys.  First dates are like job interviews.  It’s about the fit, and while you’re not necessarily looking to get hitched next week, you’re looking for longevity.  And a person who gives a good back rub.

And to make sure we’ve got all bases covered, we’ve included a nifty infographic created by the fine folks at We Love Dates.

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