It’s only a matter of time, and we’re so calling it. TLC will soon come up with a new bridal series on brides searching for “the ones,” i.e., the perfect pair of bridal shoes. We’re envisioning an entourage of mommas and grandmas sobbing hysterically as the bride tries on “the ones,” a fabulous shoe stylist with an equally-fabulous southern drawl and tons of product placement from Jimmy, Manolo and the usual crew. Throw in some jealous siblings and resentful bridesmaids, and we’ve got ourselves a new hit show.

While we won’t be signing up anytime soon to be contestants on “Say Yes to the Shoes,” we do love some good, old-fashioned bridal-shoe porn. Sure, the dress, is important, but dare we say that shoes are right up there? Here are 50 wedding shoes for brides-to-be, and we threw in an extra for good luck.

50 Wedding Shoes Under $100

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Audrey Brooke Earth Pump

Audrey Brooke Earth Pump, $49.95 from DSW