The Art of Thrifting

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Thrifting, much like shaving, war or manliness, is a delicate art form, and we’ve got it down to an imprecise science. Sure, we’ve written about thrifting extensively before, but a seasoned thrifter knows to constantly update her tactical manual; being in the thrifting trenches is a learning process. We’re constantly modifying and evolving our thrift store The Art of Thrifting shopping strategy, and we’re adding several more cardinal tips to the handbook.

Tips for Thrifting Like a Pro

Thou shall admit some things are better new: Even if a bin full of dollar lingerie and undies are on sale for 99 percent off, it’s one deal you don’t want to partake in. We’re Budget Fashionistas and love a bargain, but we gotta draw the line somewhere. We’ll pay the extra bucks for clean underwear. Trust Loreal. You’re worth it.

Thou shall go to a road less traveled: We’ve written about the importance of location before. Shop rich zip codes, college towns, etc. Here’s another insider tip: Think outside the popular neighborhoods. Sure, that hipster thrift store The Art of Thrifting by NYU may have tons of great gems, but you’re also competing with thousands of youngsters with never-ending student loans hungry for that unique fashion find. When it’s survival of the (fashion) fittest, it may be best to go to a less-populated town. Think suburbia and retirement communities.

Thou shall not forget the tailor: Ah, our good friend the tailor, the behind-the-scenes craftsman (or woman) who magically makes that ill-fitting blazer fit like a glove! Bottom line: Don’t forget the tailor. Sure, that DKNY dress may cost you a mere subway ticket, but if it’s three sizes too big, factor in how much alterations will cost and ask yourself if it’s still worth it.