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Knit Cuff Boots: How to Wear Them

A reader asks: My sweet hubby recently went online and purchased a really cute pair of knit cuff boots for me. Only one problem though, I don’t know how to wear them. They are a high-heeled brown leather pair with a fold-down, knit cuff. They are much more stylized than I am used to.

I was online today attempting to find something to wear with these knit-cuff boots, but I am not sure what I should be looking for. Skirt, pants, jeans? And advice on where to shop would be excellent.

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Knit cuff boots 101

First, give your husband a kiss for trying his hand at fashion. That’s so sweet!

Second, to answer your question: The best way to wear knit cuff boots is with dark-wash skinny jeans or even leggings. This is because you need a sleek pant to tuck into those boots. A baggy pant will gather up around the knit cuff and look like pantaloons.

You obviously can’t wear pants over your knit cuffs. That would look like you’re out shoplifting and stashing the goods up your pant legs around the knee. Plus, the whole point is to show off the knit cuff as a stylistic element — so covering it up doesn’t make any sense.

You could also wear a mini skirt, but that look tends to work well only for younger fashionistas — you know, skinny girls in California who mix winter pieces with summer pieces all year long.

If you want to try a skirt with your knit cuffs, shoot for a hemline that’s several inches above your knee. A hemline that’s too close to your knee or the boot top will probably look awkward. I find that makes my knee look larger than it actually is.

Looking for knit cuff boots?

If you landed on this post looking for knit cuff boots, here’s my advice. Don’t buy them! Instead, get yourself a pair of boots you adore, and then buy knit boot cuffs separately. They’re less than $20 on Amazon.

Where to buy skinnies for your knit cuff boots

To find skinny jeans under $50, try Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack. Old Navy regularly prices its stretch skinnies (ok, they’re basically jeggings but with a better name) at about $45. You can often pick them up on sale for less.

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack will have a mix of brands, ranging from the more affordable 1822 Denim to the ridiculously expensive Balmain and Valentino. Still, you can sort by price and find a good number of options at the $30-$50 price point — especially when there’s a sale.


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

where were the pictured boots from? They look perfect for fall and I love the dark color


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

Eden, this is a post from 2008 so we can't seem to find this particular pair -- or a pair like them after an online search -- anyone?


Monday 17th of November 2008

Where are these pictured boots from? I LOVE them!

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