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Woman wearing slip dress

You Can Still Wear This Slinky Summertime Piece In The Fall—Here’s How

This might blow your mind, but here goes. A slip dress is a masterful transitional piece. Sure, the sinewy straps and lightweight fabric position the slip dress as a summertime-only classic. But it’s those...
Girl wearing 90s outfit: crop top and high waisted jeans

How to Wear the 90s Trend in the Dead of Winter

Quick, what’s the iconic garment of 90s fashion? For me, it’s the crop top — showing off miles of midriff above a pair of baggy, light wash jeans. Funny thing is, that outfit, which...
woman wearing jeremy scott ss17 inspired

Jeremy Scott SS17 Inspired: Bright Color Picks on a Budget

The Jeremy Scott SS17 collection at New York Fashion Week brought vibrant hues, big hair, and fearless prints to the runway this fall. If you love to rock a splash of color in the hotter months,...
Kate Moss Slip Dress

How to: Wear a Slip Dress Like Kate Moss

While most ladies leave the lingerie for under their garments, one queen of the catwalk makes her own rules. This boss cemented the slip as fashion statement and turned a simple intimate into an iconic...
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