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Editorial Policy

The editorial policy below describes Budget Fashionista’s mission, content guidelines, and editorial process.

1. Mission Statement

  • Purpose: To inspire confidence in women aged 40-plus
  • Vision: To be a trusted and recognized source of advice in fashion, beauty, and finance

2. Content Guidelines

  • Tone and Style: Our tone is informal, conversational, and sometimes dry. Our goal is to share information and opinions in a real but also non-threatening, non-condescending voice.
  • Themes: Our topic areas are primarily fashion, beauty, and personal finance. We also sometimes dabble in wellness content.
  • Authorship: As of 2024, all Budget Fashionista content is written by Catherine Brock. We may occasionally accept outside contributions. All outside contributions are edited by Catherine to ensure they meet Budget Fashionista standards.

3. Use of AI

We use generative AI tools for the following:

  • Images: AI-generated images are used when there are no acceptable “real-life” alternative images available to demonstrate content concepts. An example would be a post that recommends specific outfit combinations. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a stock photo of an over-40 woman wearing jeans, surplice top, neck scarf, and cardigan with mules, for example.

    Blogging does not support professional photo shoots for every post. So rather than show no photos with our posts — or show images of young women when we’re speaking to an over-40 audience — we reserve the right to use AI. While AI images are not realistic, they can at least show the spirit of an outfit. We do attempt to instill diversity into our AI images.
  • Editing: We do use AI tools to edit posts before publishing.
  • Ideation: Occasionally, we may use generative AI tools to generate content ideas.
  • Meta and social media descriptions: We may use AI to produce meta descriptions and social media descriptions for our posts.

Outside of the above, we do not publish AI-written content. Where AI may contribute to the early stages of a post, the language is always produced by a human.

4. Editorial Process

  • Research Standards: Set standards for researching content, verifying facts, and sourcing information.
  • Editing and Proofreading: We are a small team of one, so the editing and proofreading process is fairly simple. Posts are written and reviewed by the writer. They are then processed by ChatGPT for editing suggestions. The writer selects which of these suggestions to accept and makes the corrections. As a final pass, the content is pasted into Google Docs, which does a great job of highlighting small typos, such as missing words.
  • Article Updates: Budget Fashionista routinely updates articles. If the update is a complete overhaul, we may repost the content as new. If the update is minor, the post will reflect a new “last updated” date but will not appear as new on the homepage.
  • Publication Frequency: We post at least once weekly.

5. Legal Compliance

  • Copyright and Credit: As of 2024, we label all images with their source and all article content is written in-house. Most images come either from retailers, Canva stock photos and AI, as noted. There may be older images on the website that are not credited appropriately. We are working through these slowly to ensure that all images are properly sources.
  • Privacy: See privacy policy.