Forever 21 Collaborates With Two New Designers

What: Forever 21 has added two up-and-coming designer lines, starting with Petro Zillia (in stores now) and Rory Beca to hit stores in March.

What WWD Says: Linda Chang, Head of Marketing for Forever 21: “We like Petro Zillia’s authenticity and identifiable L.A. style...This is sort of new for us…We want to be able to keep fresh new designs in our stores so that our customers want more and different things. We’re not really concerned with the financial impact. Our mind-set wasn’t that they’d be profit generators. We always like to be on top of trends, and collaborations are a trend in the industry.”

What We Say: Well, fancy seeing you here on the designer collaboration bandwagon, Forever 21. Happy to have you. We’re glad to see that one of our fav budget stores is transitioning from copying designers—ahem–being “inspired” by big designer names, to actually collaborating with designers on a regular basis. Though we weren’t huge fans of the Brian Lichtenberg partnership—I mean how many people want to wear a tee with the initials “BL” all over it?—we are excited for Petro Zillia’s colorful, fun take on fashion and Rory Beca’s laid-back aesthetic. The collections will be priced from $5.80-$32.80, so, don’t mind if we do.

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