How to Clean A White Leather Bag

Dear Budget Fashionista

I love the inexpensive white leather handbag I bought several weeks ago. But what’s the best way to clean white leather? Is old-fashioned saddle soap be appropriate, or is there something more gentle I should look for?

A:There are many over the counter products made to clean white leather (one is called White Wizard), however most of these cleaners were made to clean grimmy leather sneakers, not fine leather handbags. You also run the risk of damaging the leather of the purse by using water based products like baby detergent. So my advice is to try the saddle soap and for any scuffs use the Kiwi brand liquid shoe polish in the squeezable plastic bottle. But remember to proceed at your own risk and next time remember to scotch guard your leather purse!

If you have great advice on cleaning a white leather purse—please post it below.


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