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  1. Dianne says

    Does anyone know the dates of the fall 2005 Lilly warehouse sale? Also, how do you get an invite? I called 610-878-8748 hoping for current info, but only got a recording of this past summer sale- and no mention of invite… ANy info would be much appreciated!!

  2. gianna says

    Does anyone know if another Lilly warehouse sale is coming to the Valley Forge area? How can I sign up to receive notification of upcoming sales? What about Hartstrings?

  3. Rebecca says

    HI!  As far as an invite to the Lilly sale, you don’t need one.  Just show up.  That’s what I did the first time several years ago and I’m back spring and fall since.  I usually take a new friend and they never need one either.  You just fill in an info. card when in line and they will send you an invitation the next sale.

    About Hartstrings~I’d like to go to the sale in September that is coming up.  Has anyone ever been there? Is it as crazy as Lilly~which I can’t imagaine. We are usually within the first 20 in line at the Lilly sale and we get there a day in advance.  What is the line like for Hartstrings?  I just need to prepare.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Maureen says

    Hi: Does anyone know when the next Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale is going to be – where and when and if I need a special invite..Thanks

  5. Danuta Bujak says

    Let me know when the next Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse sale at the King of Prussia will be held and how I can register to be notified via e-mail. The mail box for 610-878-8748 is full.

  6. bren says

    hi, can anyone tell me where and when the next lilly warehouse sale is? i’d love info about it because i only heard about it vaguely just recently. thanks soooo much

  7. Andrea says

    I saw there is going to be a Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale June 2007 at Valley Forge Convention Center. Could someone please tell me how it works and if you need an invite? Thanks Lilly Lovers!

  8. Kris says

    For any of you who have been to the Lilly Warehouse sale, can you tell me if they have any home products (sheets, duvets, etc) or if it is all clothing?  Thanks!

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