Runway-Inspired Petite Fall Fashion — the Essentials


Three runway-inspired outfits for petites

Runway looks are made to suit the amazons and sample sizes. Yeah, we said it. What works on models rarely works for the rest of us. Yes, fashion weeks around the globe dazzle and impress us with their creativity, but those pieces (and their price tags!) are never a perfect fit right off the hanger.

The good news is, even the shorter set can use those designs to inform the shopping list. Yes, you can translate runway trends into your usual go-to silhouettes. Or focus in on the hot styles that’ll make you look taller (or at least those that won’t make you look shorter). Read on for our advice on the five hottest fall fashions for petites.

1. Cropped Jackets

Proportion is everything. Shorter outerwear silhouettes elongate your lower half. Instead of drowning in oversized and full-length coats, trade up for cropped silhouettes — the likes of which appeared in the Spring ’18 collections of Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta. Add one of these to your closet to stay current and look taller than ever.


Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.