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70s Fashion Trends: Top 5 Styles

The 1970s are back, y’all! If everything old is new again, this is one resurgence we welcome back with open arms. Who can resist a little retro, feel-good flair to liven up the old summer wardrobe? Not this fashionista, that’s for sure.

If you’re suddenly overtaken with images of flower headbands and arm cuffs worn above the elbow, take a deep breath. The modern iteration of 70’s fashion trends shows we’ve learned a thing or two. To prove it, here’s a collection of old-school styles that look right at home in your contemporary wardrobe.

70’s Fashion Trends — Styles We Love

Peasant Tops

The breezy peasant top was a fashion mainstay during the feel-good decade. And no wonder — it’s laid-back, effortless, and perfect to pair with denim cutoffs, frayed jeans, or a maxi skirt.

Today’s peasant top is perhaps even more versatile. Wear one instead of a t-shirt for an upgraded casual outfit, or under a softshell blazer for added interest when you’re headed to the office.

Bow Blouses

The classic bow blouse, aka the tie-neck blouse, was an office staple in the ‘70s. It was often worn with its dynamic detail peeking out of a nubby cardigan or sweater vest.

Times have changed for the career woman, and now this piece has true fashion-gal status. Choose a conservative, solid-colored style for a trendy replacement to your button-downs. Or, find a colorful or embellished bow blouse for fun after five.

Long Vests

Vests were a big deal back in the ’70s, and they showed up in a range of fabrics, from denim to fringed suede to crochet. While the long vest never really disappeared from the racks, the fringed and crocheted versions waned in popularity.

Today, you can dabble in the fringed vest once more. Style those pieces as you would a kimono, by layering it over denim and cotton. If you’d like to try the long vest for office wear, look for a belted trench style instead.

Flared Pants

Flares aka bell bottoms are the best known style of the 70s — and possibly the hardest to wear. This silhouette is so emblematic that you might feel a touch silly trying to pull it off.

Of course there’s no reason to wear anything that doesn’t feel right. But if you want to give flares a try, start with a less extreme bell and then pair it with a modern top and neat shoes. A cropped blazer will look fabulous as your top layer.

Wrap Dresses

It was during the 1970s that Diane von Furstenberg’s beloved wrap dress made its debut — much to the joy of fashionistas who craved a stylish alternative to suits and caftans.

Today, the wrap dress is a true must-have. The style is almost universally flattering and can easily take you from the office to date night. If you don’t already have a wrap dress in your closet, use the resurgence of 70’s fashion as an excuse to buy one.

Are you going to dabble in any 70’s fashion trends this season? Let us know in the comments!

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